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Crystal Lighting: Get it Clear, Black is Back!

Crystal Lighting: Get it Clear, Black is Back!

Is the kind and tedious joy of observing opulent light lost? No! Lighting inspiration from the sixteenth century lives! Have you ever studied the rainbow that dances from a crystal pendant? Have you counted the harmonious colors it offers or marked the distance its reflections travel? Have you discovered and introduced into your home modern day’s interpretation of classic illumination? If not, set aside your Grandma’s crystal. Be your taste exotic, traditional, retro or glamorous, you can enjoy today’s crystal renaissance through vast new styling applications. See our selection of crystal chandeliers, mini-chandeliers, table lamps, sconces and more! Whether you seek a subdued, soft cast for quiet ambiance or ornate and spectacular appeal, contemporary crystal lighting can easily become each room’s focal point and is well worth your investment. Maybe a crystal fixture is the perfect design solution for what’s missing in that precious little alcove, the tiny guest bath or your voluminous foyer! How is crystal combined with today’s popular materials to meet newer residential design trends? This year the glossy black chandelier is the rage! Dark lacquered finishes opposed with radiant crystals are hanging from ceilings everywhere! Timeless scrolled arms and classic candelabras toned of crisp black, exciting pinks or neutral pearls now marry brilliantly with vibrant home furnishings, walls and floors!         Another running style theme? Geometrical shapes! Strategically hung rectangular pieces work as modern art and are creatively highlighted with silver or chromed metal finishes and square shades. Any way you go, the color black is a repetitive choice in home fashion and is almost always a lasting option in decor! For more information on contemporary crystal lighting, please visit or contact our showroom!
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