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Contemporary Rustic Lighting for a Chic Retreat

Contemporary Rustic Lighting for a Chic Retreat

From friendly country cottages, to ocean side bungalows and splendorous mountain homes – many of us seek retreat and rest somewhere beautiful and inspiring. If you’re lucky enough to own a vacation space or place, how do you light your remote renewal? Candles and brick hearths warm the cockles alright – but what illuminates your read on the 'ole porch swing? What kitchen pendant shines over that time worn table? What fixture flickers near the boat house walk? What chandelier dances over the comfy cashmere sectional? Vintage, antique or distressed décor blends well with a mix of modern lighting design. Every room large and small needs that special touch of ambient glow to maximize memorable days of escape. The pretty Twiggy 870chandelier from Pieter Adam is an ice frosted work of branches, glass, brass, silver and wintry pastels. Placed over an antique white farm table or soft hued settings, this piece is very shabby chic. Tucked into your hideaway, let the woodsy character of this fixture enhance dining and relaxation. Serien's Zoom chandelier utilizes an adjustable, circular concertina grille allowing it to meet the spatial demands of any room. Juxtapose it against a preferred ceiling treatment and wow guests! Made of polished or brushed chrome, the fixture is a color chameleon, as it's transformed by the elements of your personal decor. Another twist in casual refinement is the Jahreszeiten chandelier from Anthologie Quartett. You can match the calendar and decorate this piece with seasonal bobbles of spring, summer, autumn, winter or ice age. Pair it with a companion Jahreszeiten sconce, floor or table lamp. An award winning light from Artemide is the Callimaco floor lamp. Made of aluminum with a painted, polished metal finish, it's a flexible, industrial looking luminaire to accent cozy, contemporary corners. As a single or a double sconce, the Ferrara wall lamp from Bover lends iron, texture and interest to hallways and walls. Of quality Spanish design, it's cotton shade and semi-rugged finishes are mounted as friendly intermediaries between the outdoors and you. Finally, like a little light house changed by time and sea, the small rust outdoor lamp from Interior-Deluxe will charm all. It's actually weather proof and an indoor/outdoor lighting option. Each unit is stylishly unique and individual, and reflects the naturally changing character of material, form and surface. For contemporary rustic lighting options, visit or contact Interior-Deluxe!        
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