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Contemporary Chandeliers: The Ultimate Design Guide

Contemporary Chandeliers: The Ultimate Design Guide

Chandeliers conjure up images of grand ballrooms in days gone by. Picture ancient crystal creations presiding over magnificent occasions. Contemporary chandeliers have shattered the stereotype. They take new ground in innovation and fresh design.

Playing with styles, materials, shapes, and color, contemporary chandeliers have so much more to offer the modern luxury home. Designers are boldly experimenting with a new approach that untangles the predictable and offers the extraordinary. 

If you're looking for a chandelier that doesn't settle for tradition, take a trip through this collection of contemporary chandeliers that offer a fresh take on a classic standard of luxury. Inspiration is waiting!

Abstract Ingenuity

An abstract chandelier is a work of art that depicts visual reality in ways that differ from what it actually is. It nods a head at the source of inspiration while making use of color, shape, materials, and forms, to create something ingeniously other. Abstract design looks to everyday objects as a starting point, then creates something new and fresh.

These chandeliers are all magnificent examples of such a creative departure from the norm. 

Tears from Moon H12 Chandelier from Ilfari is an abstract creation at its core. Chic design and modern innovation meet in a chrome and glass masterpiece. With round globes that offer light, yet at the same time dance with the reflections of the life in the room, Tears from Moon will define the space around it in decadent elegance. White glass creates a light feel, or opt for black glass globes for deep drama and distinction.

Candles and Spirits from Brand Van Egmond is a marriage of Swarovski glamour and contemporary design, allowing the past to shape the present without defining it. The thin, metal wire is meticulously hand sculpted to hint at a lamp holder, while swept up tendrils hold crystals up to the play of light. A nickel finish on the wire is a perfect foil for glittering crystals.  

Delightfully unkempt, the Struk Pendant Light is a circular ball of mesh that filters the light at its core. Scraps of air-molded polyethylene mesh, which is wider and stiffer, make up the next layer. To finish off, several strips of plastic are randomly threaded through the holes in the mesh. Everything about Struk defies the expected and the result is adorable!

Gorgeous Geometrics

Geometric shapes have been a source of design inspiration in all forms, and chandeliers are no different. Borrowing from the mathematical concepts of lines, shapes, forms, surfaces, and angles, geometrical inspiration for chandeliers leans towards man-made order. Unlike the organic shapes found in nature, geometric shapes follow the rules of symmetry and predictability. Many find these soothing to be surrounded by.

The Zoom chandelier from Serien lighting is an exquisite construction that works on a concertina principle. Constructed as a circular grille, the luminaire can be adjusted to a narrow tube or expanded to fill a broader space. With light only shielded partially on the sides, the Zoom chandelier offers free illumination. With a brushed or polished surface, Zoom adds an exquisite touch of elegance wherever it's installed.

The play of light and shadow through geometrically inspired chandeliers is another sought-after feature. The Dome chandelier from Bover is a stunning work of art, crafted and carefully constructed from 165 beach veneer wood finished pieces. Intricately hand-sewn and intertwined to form this fixture. Careful LED light placement casts the shadows and patterns onto the surfaces below, adding another layer to the lighting design dynamics of your room. 

For a slightly less formal take on the geometric theme, Terzani offers the Hook chandelier. Charming and charismatic, the Hook will add a hint of geometric style to an area. The loops of metal are circular enough to be considered geometric, but relaxed enough to not feel as if they're straight off an assembly line. Relaxed circles of nickel-plated metal create a frame for Borosilicate glass cylinder diffusers that are either clear or amber. 

Ocean Inspiration

With eco-friendly living and design taking center stage, many designers are looking to the seas for inspiration as both a reminder and an encouragement to love our home planet. Artistry is born in the imitation of the shapes, colors, and movement that exists in the depths below the surface.

Deep seas come alive in the Super Coral 8L Chandelier by Lumen Center Italia. Light play on the coral leaves can almost be fish darting in and out of hiding. Originally available in red, white, black, chartreuse green, or glossy lilac, the additional options of gold, and silver leaf are now available. This versatile chandelier creates a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. 

The Kelp Pendant Light is a moody, organic light that creates an exhilarating sense of drama. You can hang a single light for pure simplicity, or combine more than one for a gorgeous, intertwined, statement piece. The metallic light globes come in various finishes and change the feel of the light completely.  

No ocean-inspired collection would be complete without coral. Pallucco presents the Coral Pendant Light, designed to so closely resemble a branch of coral plucked from the ocean, that you can almost sense the salty tang in the air. Created through using injection-molded polycarbonate on a steel base, this delicate-looking light isn't as flimsy as real coral. It will create a wonderfully elevated sense of relaxed luxury wherever it's installed.

Droplets, Flow, and Reflection of Water 

Water has long been a source of inspiration for poets, artists and designers universally. The soothing qualities of its liquid movement, the beauty of reflections and bubbles all stoke the fires of inspiration. Add the play of light and you have a magical combination that has the ability to move any who glance that way. 

Lighting Designers have been caught up in the inspiration of this combination too, and the results are extraordinary.

Capturing the essence of bubbling water at the base of a waterfall, the Crystal Waters 130 Chandelier - Cigar by Brand Van Egmond is a watery moment frozen in a moment. The fine wiry parts were allowed to find their own way during the creation process. Much like water flowing from a riverbed, shapes flow smoothly from Crystal Waters. Lamps are scattered throughout the dome creating a sparkling shower of light.

Two fluid sheets of suspended raindrops are captured mid-flight in the 2305 Suspension Lamp from Italamp. The strings of Swarovski crystals finish at different lengths. This lends to the natural beauty of a modern light fitting that is simply magnificent.

A forest of underwater bubbles is perfectly captured in the Sillux Niagara chandelier. The reflections off the stainless steel frame add an extra dimension to the light and sparkle created through the varied sizes of blown pyrex glass spheres. The spheres are hung at random to convey the splash of movement through the water. The see-through spheres pick up on any color that is in the room, combine it with light, and send it out, back into the room in a gentle wash of the color for an extra dimension of drama 

For a perfect blend between the order we so often crave as humanity and the random beauty of nature, consider the Sprankling Disk XXL Chandelier by Ilfari. Crystals like droplets of rain are suspended between square metal blocks that are available in Matt Nickel, Chrome, Satin Brass, Brilliant Brass, and Bronze finishes. Each crystal catches the light and reflects it back in a multi-colored rainbow of sparkles.  

Artistically Avant-Garde

Contemporary chandeliers embrace experimental ideas and present light that is art. The design of the fixtures themselves, as well as the way the light interacts with the different elements of the chandelier, all come together in a breathtaking piece that fits in with an extraordinary aesthetic.

Avant-garde chandeliers are best paired with architectural strong lines, stark color contrasts, eccentric furniture, and atypical wall treatments.

The Love You Love You Not 55 Hanging Lamp by Brand Van Egmond captures the essence of the avant-garde. A play on the petal-picking she loves me, she loves me not, this hanging lamp is a collection of steel and crystal roses. The iconic flower of love symbolizes the fine line between love lost or love kept. Match the mood of your room with either a black, nickel, or white finish. This concept is also available as a wall or ceiling lamp.

Adding an avant-garde chandelier into the design of your room will often create a talking piece. The Angel Falls Chandelier is no exception. Featuring crystal angels that tumble from the light source at the top of the fixture, The Angel Falls is a striking conversation starter. Each angel provides a touchpoint for the light to engage with, shine through, and illuminate. Halogen bulbs are set into the base, which can either be white or silver.

Golden elegance meets a quirky sense of fun in the Glamour Chandelier. The ornate swirled gold leaves and patterns are offset by the two charming birds captured in mid-flight on either side of the ball. This is the perfect chandelier style for bird lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who has a love of owning something utterly unique.

Look To the Skies

Mankind has always had a fascination with the heavens. The vastness of the sky, the sun which gives us warmth, and the moon and stars that watch over our darkness often give birth to poems, songs, and works of art.

Designers who look up are inspired by the play of light across the canopy of the heavens, and the surrender of the sun to the night, and the moon to the day. It didn't take much for that inspiration to slip into the design of light fixtures and give us these beauties.

Invite the constellations to preside over your dinner table with the intricate Etoile Chandelier by Terzani. Constellations are simulated by nickel rods, interspersed with bulbs that are strategically placed to imitate the stars twinkling at night. Heavenly light will shine wherever you place this exquisite creation of light.

Somewhat reminiscent of the moon, the Tresor Chandelier is made up of nine circular disks. Each disc is created by hand welding metal coins in silver or gold. Light is provided through the metal rod that runs down the center that each disc is attached to. The play of light creates a tapestry of light and shade throughout the area where the light is hung. 

The Orbit Chandelier is an elegant creation suitable for modern, minimalistic spaces. The circles hang suspended within one another, while never touching. In doing so, they pay homage to the rotation of planets, the passing of time, and how light shines through it all. Orbit offers complete versatility as you can choose how many rings you want, depending on what will suit your space and how much light you need.

Sophisticated Clean Lines

Sophistication sometimes means holding back just a little. This air of mystery is evident in sophisticated contemporary chandeliers. Bringing an element of style that is thoroughly modern, yet with a refined sense of reserve, these chandeliers lend an aura of class to the room they're in.  

The Loving Arms 10 Chandelier by Ilfari is ultra-elegant with ten fabric shades, each underlined by a small sliver of crystal and a perfectly shaped metal detail. Highly customizable, the shades are available in black, red, brown, white, or beige, while finish options for the metal include chrome, black, white, matte nickel, brilliant brass, satin brass, or bronze.

For super high ceilings which leave an open space to fill, consider the distinguished and unique Air Pendant Light by Escale. Made from reflective aluminum or polished chrome, each chandelier consists of a ceiling canopy, a few strings of Swarovski crystals suspended in the opening, and under-girded by a rectangular suspension lamp. The combination results in absolutely breathtaking simplistic luxury.  

Our final contender in the sophisticated clean line category is the Sexy Crystals Pendant Light from Ilfari. A perfectly balanced combination of sleek metal and sparkling crystals (or Swarovsky crystals) this divine light is the ultimate in understated extravagance. If a chrome finish doesn't suit your aesthetic, opt for warm Bronze, matte Nickel, Satin- or Brilliant Brass. 

Stylish Simplicity

Why use ten words when one will do? For some design aesthetics, this holds true for lighting. When your room calls for a less-is-more approach, you'll need to find a chandelier that is superbly luxurious and thoroughly understated. 

The Chill Out 8 Pendant Light is a perfect collision between the romance of soft, simple, lines and modern simplicity. With a choice of finishes for the backplate, the Chill Out 8 can adapt to the environment it's meant to elevate. The clear crystal shade is made up of simple loops that end in the shape of poured water.

Another simple but effective chandelier is the Whorl, a looped spiral LED chandelier by Interior Deluxe that will save energy. A strip of light runs around the outside of the light, spreading a soft wash of light over a broad area. 

Effortless simplicity inspired by nature is found in the Aerial Pendant from Hubbardton Forge. This charming light fitting carries itself with an easy grace similar to a budding wild orchid. This chandelier comes in so many color variations, there'll be the perfect choice for your space. The stem-like leaves are available in three lengths to make it even easier to fit into your space. Aerial offers a peaceful alternative for those who like their space uncluttered.  

Whimsical Wishes

When it comes to dreamy and romantic, contemporary chandeliers capture whimsy in the delightfully unexpected. Ideas that provoke the imagination beyond the familiar, while providing practical solutions in soft lines and effortless loops.

The 2201 Chandelier from Italamp enfolds and reflects the light in gently curved glass tubes, interspersed with flowers. A magical addition to a room with soft decor, the 2201 Chandelier is reminiscent of the soft curls of a maiden's hair, strewn with wildflowers.

For a more structured approach to the same idea, the 460 Chandelier is also created from looped glass tubes, but in a demure, symmetrical way. Two layers of loops extend from a single silver circle, curling steam from a hot shower captured in glass and light. Delicate glass flowers hold the lights at their center, creating gently curved surfaces for the light to catch and reflect through.

A flock of gleaming golden birds caught mid-alight on a curved golden spiral, suspended in time. This is the essence of the Glamour Chandelier by Creaciones Cordon. The beautifully textured detail on the birds catches the light and throws it back into the space in a playful way. For an elegant chandelier that embraces the playful side of life, you can't go wrong with this one!

How to Choose a Chandelier Style

As you browse through the different types of chandeliers, you'll need to keep the following things clearly in mind as you make decisions.

1. Suit the Style

Your home has a feel to it, a carefully cultivated style that permeates all the rooms and open spaces. Make sure the chandelier that you pick matches that style. If your home is a sleek affair, full of hi-tech chrome finishes, choosing a natural wooden chandelier may not be the best choice you can make. Match industrial with an industrial-type fitting. Does your home have a minimalist feel to it? Look for a low-clutter light fitting that will match that feel. 

What if you find a fixture that you absolutely fall in love with? Use it as the inspiration for creating the room's design around the chandelier. 

2. Space 

Make sure that the chandelier you choose is in the right proportion for the rest of the room. In a small space, you don't want to go too big and overpower all the other elements. The opposite side of the scale is to choose a chandelier that is too small and gets swallowed up in a vast expanse of space. Get the balance just right for a chandelier that makes the impact you want it to.

3. What Material Would Be Best? 

While there aren't any strict rules about what materials and finishes to mix and match, it is a good choice to choose materials that complement what is already there. Look at the types of materials that are represented in your room, the colors, and the textures.

See if you can pick out an element or two to match what's in your chandelier.

Mixing metals is a popular design trend that you can use to great effect. There is also great beauty in having a single metallic design piece as a focal point of your design. Don't be scared to play around and let your ideas flow free. Keep the scale in mind and aim for elements that balance each other out. 

Create Your Dream Space With Contemporary Chandeliers 

Whether you're creating an entrance hall from scratch, tackling a modern dining room remodel, or simply refining the fresh look of an area that you love, picking out the perfect contemporary chandelier will tie it all together. Chandeliers are no longer dusty old-fashioned things that would ruin the design aesthetic of your cutting-edge modern home. 

Contemporary chandeliers have come into their own to offer the widest variety of materials, styles, sizes, and finishes to fit into the vision you have for your space. Browse until you fall in love, take the plunge, and watch your home be elevated.

If you're ready to embrace the next generation of illumination, contact us. We have all the chandelier know-how to help you pick out the perfect light for your space.
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