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Bedside Manor: Lighting to Sleep By

Bedside Manor: Lighting to Sleep By

Each evening as you settle in to rest or read, what lamps your peace and reprieve? In the Shadow of Night dimmed by Fifty Shades of Grey, what bedside lighting best hastens The Dream Team? Check out our bedside recessed lighting, table lamps, wall sconces and pendants!  Since you’ve stressed and strained all day juggling responsibilities, bed time should be an effortless retreat where relaxation is quickly summoned. Tired eyes that have focused diligently all day now require ease and respite. This is especially important as you stage reading light. Overhead recessed down lights are great bedfellows. Placed on each side of the bed as a main light source, wired separately and controlled by dimmers, they allow for partners to sleep or read independently. (Just take a cue from airplane lighting design.) Use light-bulb candles to enhance soft, romantic appeal. Prefer to swing? Swing-arm lamps add design interest and also allow for individually regulated light. Choose from more traditional styles with subtle shades and brass or nickel finishes, or go contemporary, sleek and versatile with lights made of polished chrome, aluminum and burled wood. Either way, swing-arm lamps provide rich, acutely directed light to illuminate bed time tales. See the Cubo LED wall sconce by Cerno. Find symmetrical room balance with bedside table lamps. When selecting a shade, the bottom of the shade should be placed about 20” above bed level for the most favorable reading light. Fixture choice will depend on the height of both your bed and night table. Pendant night stand lights are a wonderfully creative décor alternative. Also suspended at both bed sides, pendants can be adjustable in height, texture and light intensity, from high and pointed to delicately diffused. Mix in tasteful wall sconces, a lighted head board or an adjacent alcove chandelier to complete your inspirational night time haven. Spend your evenings in a bedside manor! Don’t be The Amateur! Go Wild and Unbroken! Be novel! For more information on bedside lighting options visit or contact our showroom.
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