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All About the Artemide Floor Lamp

All About the Artemide Floor Lamp

Any enthusiast of high-end home design knows that an interior design isn't complete without lighting. But your living room floor lamps aren't just another home accessory, they serve a purpose. There is no better lighting design pioneer that understands this concept more than Artemide.

If you're looking for a floor lamp that gracefully joins form and function together, you simply must meet the Artemide floor lamp. 

At Interior Deluxe, we champion the Artemide lights for their elegance and efficiency. Keep reading to learn more about the history of Artemide and its iconic designs, as well as an overview of some of the Artemide floor lamps we offer.

History of Artemide

1960: It all begins with two Italians on the brink of designing touchstones in the history of contemporary lighting. Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza found Artemide and released their first design by Mazza- the Alfa lamp.

1972: Inspired by car headlights, Richard Sapper creates the Tizio desk lamp.

1981: After two decades of creating popular designs, Artemide opens showrooms across the US in metropolitan cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

1987: The Tolomeo is born! The Tolomeo, designed by Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, becomes the standard of high-quality lighting made in Italy.

1989: The Tolomeo wins the Compass d'Oro award, an honor which the whole company also receives for lifetime achievement in 1995.

1996: The Artemide design philosophy and manifesto are patented under the moniker "'The Human Light."

2000-Present: Artemide forges ahead, creating innovative, award-winning designs. They also expand by opening more showrooms across the United States.

2018: Founder Ernesto Gismondi is honored with the Compasso d'Oro Career Award from ADI, or the Association for Industrial Design in Italy.

Artemide Design Culture

Gismondi and Mazza committed to designing light with innovation and human interaction in mind since Artemide's founding. This led to numerous Artemide collaborations with architects over the years. Let's take a deeper dive into the design culture that put Artemide on the map.

As previously mentioned, "The Human Light" is Artemide's design philosophy. The concept of "The Human Light" prioritizes the integration of lighting into everyday life as a designer's main focus. 

How can the light complement the activities that happen in this space? How can we illuminate these experiences? Questions like these influence an Artemide designer's process from unique aesthetic choices to functional design decisions.

The iconic Artemide Tizio desk lamp and Tolomeo floor lamp are now recognized as landmarks in contemporary lighting. Both designs can even be seen on permanent display in the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

By purchasing an Artemide floor lamp, you'll be lighting your space with a work of art that also serves a great purpose.

Artemide Floor Lamp Options

Now that you know more about Artemide's legendary background, here are some of the company's best modern floor lamps for sale at Interior Deluxe.

Tolomeo Floor Lamp

Let's start with the most iconic Artemide design of them all, the Tolomeo. The Tolomeo Classic Floor Lamp combines the body of the Tolomeo table lamp with a standing structure for a sleek, flexible lighting option. This lamp is made of steel in the base and stem, with an aluminum finish.

As an innovative addition to the classic design, this version of the Tolomeo includes the LED My White Light Bulb. After researching the various shades of white light, Artemide launched the My White Light line in 2006. This cements Artemide as not just a design leader, but an illumination leader, too.

The Tolomeo is offered in a mini version as well for smaller living spaces.

Reeds Outdoor Floor Lamp

To elevate your backyard or outdoor space from inviting to spectacular, look no further than the Reeds Outdoor Floor Lamp. Designed by Klaus Begasse, the Reeds is made of seven transparent rods flowing with LEDs, creating a fountain of light. 

The base of this floor lamp is made of black aluminum with an anthracite gray finish. From lining your entryway to illuminating your landscaping, the Reeds Outdoor Floor Lamp will catch anyone's attention. 

Demetra Floor Lamp

For a sleek and simplistic lighting option, there's nothing like the Demetra Floor Lamp. The most notable feature of the Demetra is its adjustable head. You can tilt and turn the Demetra Floor Lamp to light anything in your space.

A dimmer switch is also integrated into this lamp's design, putting you in control of the light's diffusion. You can also choose from an anthracite gray or a white finish. Oh yeah, and the Demetra is on sale at Interior Deluxe, too! 

Mimesi Floor Lamp

The fascinating Mimesi Floor Lamp is not just a work of art. For the environmentally-conscious interior designer or decorator, you'll love to hear the design inspiration for the Mimesi.

The Mimesi generates light based on the environment the lamp is in. This conserves energy and allows Artemide to reduce material use in the manufacturing process. Like all Artemide floor lamps, the Mimesi is made of the highest-quality materials, featuring a polished aluminum and steel finish.

Descriptions don't do the singular design of the Mimesi justice. See it for yourself!

O Ground Outdoor Floor Lamp

Most outdoor lighting options focus on providing light 24/7, which effectively eliminates darkness, especially in urban spaces. This issue was the inspiration for designer Alejandro Aravena when creating the O Ground Outdoor Floor Lamp.

This floor lamp focuses on the importance of circadian light. Circadian light is light, designed to reflect the natural circadian rhythm of all living things. The O is imperceptible when not in use, but has sensors that bring light only when needed.

Survey results from the American Society for Interior Design showed that 25% of their employees attributed a higher sleep quality to circadian lighting. For a healthier and happier space, consider the O Ground Outdoor Floor Lamp.

Lighting Options with a Purpose

Artemide founder Ernesto Gismondi says that Artemide prioritizes "innovation not for the sake of innovation, but to create something that satisfies the most needs.” You can fill your commercial or residential space with innovation and purpose with the Artemide Floor Lamp. 

At Interior Deluxe, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of Artemide's award-winning designs. Browse our Artemide lighting collection today to find the floor lamp of your design dreams.

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