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ALIEN to Design? Find out what’s FUNKY in lighting!

ALIEN to Design? Find out what’s FUNKY in lighting!

Imagine if you will … lighting from the galaxies! Let foreign creatures of love shine down on you. See their oogly-googly eyes and liquid-like pea green arms! They are odd faces from odd places that innately ignite conversation, whimsy and delight. Center family and guests around their benevolent, brilliant gestures. Worlds together have fallen like heaven to meet you in grand and celestial style! It's time to let your imagination sparkle through unearthly lighting! Is Captain Kirk rocketing the Starship Enterprise home? Is Darth Vader floating above in a dark, mid-century space castle? Or is it Men in Black IV? No! It's battlestar galactica revisited in the Elettra 66 Â grand chandelier and the Sixty Pendant Light by AVMezzega! Looks like they're casting for my favorite martian again! Is that ET? Perhaps he is among us. Consider the possibilities and check out the One From the Heart Â table lamp by Ingo Maurer! It’s a likeable design that invites smiles and giggles. What planet is it from? Is it a mugwump, a grabkrickle? A snockerzoon? A jumpsnazzer? It’s hard to say, but it is life and light! Drawing even further fondness are these funny fellows: the Bibibibi and Poul Poul table lamps, also from Ingo Maurer. These space balls ARE cute and nutty! When it comes to lighting, there is no final frontier! Void of creepezoids more visitors arrive standing straight in diplomacy. Note the curiously intelligent life found in the funky Illustri floor lamp by Anthologie Quartett and the Colonne lamp by Dix Heures Dix.  As you greet these new friends, don’t miss the meteoric flash illuminated in the Fil De Fer floor lamp by Catellani & Smith. Short, squat and colorful meet more "trippy" traveling troubadours: the Madai table lamp by Anton Angeli and the Eclisse table and wall lamp by Artemide. Mission control is all an uproar! Hovering nearby like beaming crafts are Kundalini's Mandala and Mandala Rashid wall sconces. No worries, settling softly beyond them in a tranquil lunar glow is the Luna Table Light  by Catellani and Smith. Seeing is believing as it seems the moon itself. You're calm and reminded all is well this night. With contemporary, creative lighting soaring higher than the last Apollo, your day can now begin and end in the wake of vivid constellations and abounding life forms. For more information on out-of-this-world lighting, contact or visit our Interior-Deluxe showroom. Meet your Solaris today!

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