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8 Restaurant Lighting Ideas to Please Your Customers

8 Restaurant Lighting Ideas to Please Your Customers

Are you wondering what different types of lighting are used in restaurants? Are you looking to improve your restaurant's aesthetic with lighting?

There are several types of lighting that you can add to your interior decor to make your restaurant stand out. From chandeliers to candles, there are endless options to polish off your restaurant's ambiance and set an underlying tone for your guests.

Continue reading to find what type of restaurant lighting will suit your establishment perfectly.

Different Types of Restaurant Lighting

There are different terms used when discussing restaurant lighting designs. These include task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. Each of these methods of lighting ideas offers an advantage to your restaurant and to your customers. Taking into consideration the purpose of your restaurant lighting and how it will serve your staff and customers will help you decide what type of lighting you’ll need for the spaces inside your establishment.

Task Lighting

Because your guests should be able to easily peruse your menu at their tables, task lighting is needed.

Task lighting is a primary light source directed at your customer's tabletop. This allows them to read the menu and converse comfortably. When installing task lighting, make sure to keep the light soft and clear, but not harsh.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is simply to set the mood in your establishment. These can be used in colors, to highlight wall art, and to illuminate corners. 

To bring the aesthetic of your restaurant to your customers, use ambient lighting.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting shines low light throughout your restaurant and is a simplistic but effective way to add flair.

These can be decorative or helpful, and depending on how you use them, your customers will gain a reaction to your decor. Place these wisely throughout your establishment and you'll have patrons looking at the immaculate design of your building.

1. Chandeliers

When it comes to fine dining, you'll find that many upscale restaurants have chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. This option certainly requires a bit more space, so is perfect for lifted or high ceilings.

Chandeliers are intricate and beautiful methods of lighting. Their styles range from vintage to modern, offering a style for every restaurant's theme.

Some of the most intricate and modern chandeliers are a Holtkoetter design. This name offers status and beauty when displayed throughout establishments. Your restaurant is complete with a Holtkoetter chandelier and its polished finish.


2. Hanging Pendants

The most common form of lighting found in restaurants is hanging lights. These are installed from the ceiling and hang over bars, countertops, and tables.

Hanging pendants are versatile in style, offering hundreds of combinations of height, design, and color.

These lights illuminate the tables your customers are dining at as well as provide them with a clear view of the menu.

Since hanging pendants are so widely seen in restaurants, mix yours up and customize them to your own restaurant's unique ambiance. If you have a particular style or theme, make sure to highlight this in your hanging pendants.

3. Wall Accent Lights

Wall accent lights are simple and beautiful, made to shine in dark corners or around artwork.

Usually installed in multiple places on one wall, these lights are made to accent anything you want your customers to see.

If you have a small, cozy restaurant, wall lights are a great addition to make the space feel open and inviting. Your patrons will feel the comfort of warm lighting throughout your restaurant. If your lighting is diverse, wall lights play the perfect role in unique fixtures.

4. Track Lights

The purpose of track lighting is to guide your patron's eye where you want them to see.

These lights create circular illuminations throughout your restaurant. Track lights are used to draw a patron's eyes to different parts of your building and can be a practical way to get your customers to notice what your restaurant has to offer.

Track lights are small and can be put in as cluster lights or continuous beams. The variation of track lights will cause certain aspects of your restaurant to shine brighter than others and will draw the attention of your customers.

5. Menu Lighting

Menu lighting is very important when it comes to gathering customers. If your menu is displayed outside your restaurant, invited your patrons in even more by illuminating your menu for them.

A wall light can hang directly over your menu and accent the restaurant to passerby. Grabbing attention is crucial to gaining new customers and what better way to do this than with menu lighting?

Create a designated spot for your menu to display. This will show what your restaurant has to offer and will entice your new customers.

6. Focus Lighting

Does your restaurant display paintings, sculptures, or unique ceiling designs? Use focus lighting to highlight the decor that displays your aesthetic.

Focus lighting is meant to shine directly at a fixed point in your restaurant. You can use many types of lights as focus lights, but some common types are wall lamps and small LED lights.

If your restaurant is displaying beautiful works, take the extra time to show them off with strategically placed focus lighting. 

7. Candle Lighting

If your restaurant's aesthetic favors romance and soft illumination, candlelit tables and surfaces are a beautiful way to add lighting while increasing the mood.

Surfaces such as fireplace mantles, side tables, and the centers of dining tables are effective places to enjoy dancing flames. The beauty of candles can be enhanced by placing them in holders or on pedestals.

If you're worried about safety, use enclosed candle holders or switch to artificial flames to ensure safety. The advantage of using candles, real or otherwise, is that you can add to the restaurant's ambiance without installing more lighting fixtures. 

8. Natural Light

Despite the use of lighting throughout your restaurant, the most adored light is natural light.

Make use of windows and glass doors throughout the main floor of your restaurant to let in sunshine and soft light. This will enhance the ambiance and complement the interior decor of your restaurant as well.

Install new points of light throughout your building to ensure as much natural light is streaming through as possible during the day.

The benefit of utilizing natural light is that you can save money on your electrical bills by using the sun's rays instead of electricity to illuminate your space.

Complete Your Eatery With Strategic Lighting

Are you ready to replace the lighting throughout your restaurant? Use these restaurant lighting tips to wow your customers and accentuate your interior design.

If you're looking for more information on finding the right chandeliers and pendant lighting, take a look at our post on the subject.

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