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modern forms lighting

7 Modern Forms Lighting Ideas for 2021

modern forms lighting

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On a physiological level, research shows that the right (or wrong) lighting affects our moods and how well we function–whether that be while working, relaxing, or sleeping.

In high-end home design, Modern Forms lighting can serve to add drama to a dining room, make a guest bedroom feel cozy, highlight artwork collections, or create a cinema-like atmosphere in a media room.

Where you position your lighting, and the type of lighting you choose makes all the difference to your space. Below, we highlight the top trends for 2021 from the must-have lighting brand, Modern Forms.

1. Warm up a Room

LED bulbs are set to dominate the future of lighting due to their energy-saving benefits. They use as much as 75 percent less energy and run up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

The light emitted by LED bulbs tends to be white and bright. A lot of people still pine for the candlelight-esque hue given off by traditional globes. Nowadays, LED manufacturers are responding to this nostalgia by making warm dim, and warm glow bulbs.

Modern Forms LED light fixtures give off a soft, yellowish tone, especially when operated using a dimmer switch–one reminiscent of the moods of more romantic eras now lost to time.

2. Modeled on Mathematics

The precision of geometric designs has fascinated humankind since antiquity, from the intricate patterns decorating ancient mosques in the Middle East to sharp angles expressed in 1920s Cubism. Somehow, geometric design always looks contemporary.

Are you looking to update a tired kitchen or add some contrasting structure to a softly styled living room? An angular steel statement chandelier or geode-like Modern Forms mini pendants might be just the ticket.

And remember the rule when it comes to using geometric lighting for home illumination: opposites attract. Think a dramatic cast-iron diamond floor lamp in front of plush velveteen curtains.

3. Modern Forms Lighting: Chandeliers

You may consider the term “modern chandeliers” to be a bit of an oxymoron. Well, we’re here to tell you that chandeliers are no longer the stuffy crystal monstrosities of old that need an army of staff to keep clean. (Although, we’re not ashamed to admit that a good designer can still make those complement the right space.)

Today’s chandeliers come in all shapes and dimensions, though they’re almost always going to be sized or styled to wow.

When buying a Modern Forms chandelier for your home, be sure to consider the space in which it will hang. Choose an LED chandelier for bright areas like kitchens or rooms that need controllable lighting, like entertainment dens. If you’re seeking something decorative for a bathroom or entranceway, choose a fixture that exudes creativity.

4. Inspired by Nature

With terms like “climate positive” and “circular economy” dominating the design discussion in 2021, it’s no wonder lighting crafted of natural materials is making a comeback.

Modern Forms crafts their lights from organic materials like wood, metal, and glass, which exude an eco-friendly vibe. They can be dyed to create a variety of color palettes. Left in their natural state, they are sure to fit into any decor–no matter their shape.

Some natural material-made lighting can channel a bit too much of that 1970s vibe. To ensure your lighting looks contemporary, choose fixtures made from a combination of natural and human-made components like steel and plastic.

5. Highlight Your Walls

Designers use wall lighting to emphasize stunning vintage wallpaper, provide safety lighting in a dark stairwell, or softly illuminate a reading nook. Scones and other types of wall lights are such a necessity in homes that they have yet to fall out of vogue.

Consider the desired effect, the position, and the function you need a light to perform when choosing the ideal Modern Forms adjustable wall sconce for your home.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to scones in a hall or entranceway. Go all out on the creativity, though be sure to tie the lighting into your overall design aesthetic.

For task-lighting, such as reading lights beside a bed or desk, look for simple, functional, or adjustable wall-mounted Modern Forms designs.

6. Embrace the Future

Despite being around for some time already, the loft industrial style is set to stay in 2021. In fact, it's looking decidedly futuristic in its current form.

Designers and homeowners can find a refined version of this trend in Modern Forms lighting. Think industrial bones combined with lux materials like aged brass, steel polished to a mirror finish, crystalline glass shards, and energy-efficient LED bulbs.

If you want to jump on this design train to the future, look for Modern Forms table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, and scones that feature dramatic geometric in stark metals. Keep the rest of your room decoration minimal to ensure the intensity of the design.

7. Smart Lighting

If you’re looking to appeal to the tech-head in your family, install smart LED lighting that they can control with a touch. All of this and more is possible in the smart lighting future.

Today, smart lighting isn’t all hard tech either. As designers click into this growing trend, they start to create beautiful and functional fixtures.

What if you could dim the bulb on your Modern Forms floor lamp with a simple swipe of your finger on the metal arm of the light. Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine LED lighting with a smart ceiling fan for ultimate energy savings?

Modern Forms offers all these illuminating options and more.

Endlessly Contemporary Lighting Designs

When it comes to home interior design, budgets can spiral out of control very quickly. Shop wisely, consult with a lighting design professional if needed, and invest wisely in quality brands like Modern Forms lighting.

Whether you choose the sleek glass shard and brushed nickel Minx vanity light or the cloud-like, statement-making Cosmic rock crystal chandelier, make sure it’s a design you can live with for years to come.

Ready to start the search for modern forms of lighting for your home? Shop the carefully curated selection of stunning lighting options on Interior Deluxe.
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