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6 Types of Modern Bathroom Lighting

6 Types of Modern Bathroom Lighting

Modern bathroom lighting has come a long way from the lonely, round globe in the center of the ceiling that tried to light up the whole room.

Lighting a bathroom is now a multi-layered process that creates an atmosphere, adds to the beauty of the room, and provides functional light for everyday bathroom tasks.

If you're looking for some fresh and fun lighting ideas for your bathroom, read on for six different types of bathroom lighting that you can mix and match. 

1. Pendant Lights

For a modern lighting look in a bathroom, pendant lights are a delightful alternative to traditional lighting fixtures. While they may not always provide enough functional light, they add a significant touch of elegance to your bathroom.

Luxurious bathtimes can be elevated by suspending pendant lights over the bathtub, where the light can play on the textures, colors, and fixtures in the room.

Hanging pendant lights over the vanity adds a layer of sophistication to a bathroom space. Ideally, they should be hung far enough away from the wall for the light pool to hit the center of the countertop.

As part of a planned layered lighting design, pendant lights will enhance the mood you want to create in your bathroom, as well as free up wall space for mirrors, shelves, and cabinets. 

2. Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are mounted directly to the wall and provide gentle, indirect lighting. A sconce is typically installed at eye level and shields the user from the harsh, direct lighting when using the mirror.

If sconces are mounted next to a mirror, it's best to put one on either side to provide an even wash of light on the face for cosmetic purposes. 

Take advantage of the light being at an eye-line level by investing in a beautiful fixture that echoes the aesthetic of your bathroom. Any elements in a room at head height will be the first thing to attract the eye. 

While wall sconces as a concept aren't new to bathroom decor, there are modern trends that will create a fresh, fun appeal. Modern wall sconces are leaning towards polished metallic surfaces, smooth glass shapes, and slim designs. 

3. LED Strip Lighting

The new kid on the block in bathroom lighting design, LED strip lighting is versatile, practical, and can be used to create beautiful effects in a bathroom.

LED strip lights consist of rows of lamps in a single strip. You can match the color of your strip light to your decor, or opt for plain white. LED strip lights usually use incandescent light bulbs and create a soft, warm lighting glow with a low-temperature color.

The light produced by LED strip lights washes the whole room in an equal distribution of light. LED strip lights really come into their own when used together with mirror lights, wall sconces, or recessed ceiling lights. 

Subtle indirect light effects can be created using LED strip lights when they're installed in hidden locations such as under countertops. 

4. Track Lights

Track lights offer a fresh take on bathroom lighting. The individual spotlights can be positioned to highlight different sections of the room. Track light systems are made up of two parts - a track that conducts electricity and the spotlights that are the light source.

Typically installed centrally in a room, track lights provide a broad wash of illumination through the room. Track lights can function as task lighting too when installed above the bathroom mirror.

Aiming a track light to reflect off the vanity mirror helps light up the face. This is useful when applying make-up, shaving, or doing hair.

5. Mirror Lights

Bathroom mirror lights have become works of art of modern bathroom lighting. Concealed rear lighting creates a bright front-lit glow that is practical as functional lighting, but also bathes the room in warm light.

Front-lit mirrors open a world of possibility with lighting built into the front of the mirror in an array of designs to suit your design and the available wall space. 

6. Modern Vanity Lighting

Modern lighting ideas for bathroom vanities come in a range of styles and shapes to suit your bathroom design aesthetic. Here are the most common styles of vanity lighting used in bathrooms today:  

Bar Vanity Lights

For a classic look with a modern twist, try a dimmable vanity bar light in a brushed metal finish. The rectangular light fixture can either be a single long bar above the mirror or two shorter bars on either side of the mirror. Bar lights lend themselves to the use of LED globes.

Cage Vanity Lights

For an industrial groove, cage lights offer a rugged, minimalistic appeal. The light shines through the frame unhindered and offers an airy feel.

Globe Vanity Lights

Clear or frosted globular shades lend an ultra-modern feel to a bathroom, but with a touch of quirky charm.

Shaded Vanity Lights

For bathroom use, opt for metal or glass shades. Fabric shades don't take kindly to the levels of damp in a bathroom. 

Tube Vanity Lights

Tube lights are long, rounded shapes that are perfect for simple rooms that are understated and elegant. 

How To Choose Vanity Lights

A vanity light is first and foremost a light for the bathroom mirror. They need to provide functional lighting by effectively illuminating your face.

Because of the close relationship between the vanity light and the mirror, keep your mirror in mind as you choose light fixtures. You'll need to match the lighting to the size, shape, and style of your mirror.

Here are some fun combinations for you to try out:

For a long mirror, create a sense of balance by hanging multiple fixtures across the top.

Create a geometric feel by paring a round mirror with globe-shaped lights.

If your style is casual, trendy, with a touch of eclecticism, combine mismatched, yet complementary pieces. 

Modern Bathroom Lighting to Create Your Dream Bathroom 

Whether your bathroom style is upbeat and fun, or classy and elegant, you'll find fresh new fixtures to suit your taste. With a range of designer lighting to suit the mood of any room, bathrooms can find a fresh take on modern bathroom lighting.

Do you need some help making your dream bathroom become a reality? Contact our friendly staff today for advice, they'd love to help.

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