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5 Tips on Choosing Hallway Light Fixtures for Homeowners

5 Tips on Choosing Hallway Light Fixtures for Homeowners

Is your home ready for a light fixture upgrade?

If you've landed here today, the answer is likely yes.

Hallway light fixtures are an important staple in the home, yet often get overlooked when thinking about other fixtures, like kitchen or bedroom lighting. You become so consumed with choosing the perfect chandelier for the living room or sconces for the bedroom that you forget the hallway. But the hallway lights shouldn't be neglected.


They illuminate paths, create space, and naturally guide people through a house. They provide safety, comfort, and style. When done correctly, they serve a double purpose of looking great and operating efficiently, connecting every room in the house, making it a whole.

With that being said, it's time to start shopping—but how do you choose? From considering all your light fixture options to pinning down your hallway lighting budget, this guide covers it all. 

1. First, Consider Wall-Mounted vs. Ceiling-Mounted

This decision is perhaps the most important and challenging one to make concerning hallway lights. Should you choose wall-mounted sconces or a ceiling-mounted light?

Each can be subtle or not, bright or dim, large or small. Sconces come in every shape, size, and style you can imagine, and the story's no different with ceiling-mounted lights, which can hang like a pendant or lay flush to the ceiling. 

The answer mostly comes down to personal preference, but the size of the space you're illuminating does come into play. If you have a large foyer, especially for a two-story home, a ceiling-mounted light can provide more general, expansive light. For smaller hallways, the directness of sconces works fine. 

Additionally, if you have something in your hallway you want to spotlight—a piece of art, a mirror, a plant—a wall-mounted light fixture is the perfect way to highlight it.

2. Next, Know the Different Positions for Lighting

The position of the hallway lights is the largest factor in how they work with the space. 

If you have a large hallway, you might need more than one light fixture—in which case, lights at either end of the hallway will be the most impactful. Depending on how long the hallway is and how small the fixtures are, you may even have a third or fourth. You can test this out by taking a walk down the hallway to observe any areas of darkness, even placing stand-in lights intermittently throughout.

Wall-mounted lights should be a little high up on the wall, to promote a larger-looking space—eye-level or even higher. The lower the sconces are on the wall, the dimmer the lighting. Ceiling-mounted lights can stand alone if they're large enough, but you could have several evenly-spaced, smaller pendant lights in one hallway.

3. Ask Yourself: Do You Need Multiple Hallway Lights? 

The answer to this question comes down to dimensions.

Let's say your hallway is sixteen feet long. In that case, you'd likely need at least two hallway lights placed eight feet apart. If your hallway is only eight feet long, you could get away with one large, ceiling-mounted pendant light near the foyer, or two smaller lights placed at either end of the hallway.

Another factor to consider is proportions. The larger the light, the less you'll need of it, and vise versa. If the proportion of your sconces is incredibly tiny compared to the expanse of your hallway, then you'll need several.

4. Then, Choose Lighting That Complements the Current Decor

Just like paint colors, appliances, rugs, furniture, and everything else home-related, lighting comes in a vast range of styles. We're not just talking about sconces vs. ceiling-mounted, or recessed vs. track lighting, but the actual shape, size, and design of the light. 

For example, you might choose a simple and understated half-moon sconce that lights up from below, like hooded eyes. Or, you might opt for something as drastically different as a moose head sconce that's entire opaque shape is a light.

Look around you. What themes do you have going on? Rustic, modern, luxurious, artistic? What color schemes do you see—black and white, pops of color, gold?

Let your surroundings inform what type of light you choose to avoid clashing. After all, it's easier to buy a new sconce than an entirely new living room furniture set.

5. Finally, Picking a Hallway Lighting Provider

Now that you've narrowed down your options, it's time to find a provider.

Look for one that can offer a variety of mounts, styles, designs, and lighting fixtures. You might even seek out a lighting provider that offers lights for every type of room or department you can think of—allowing you to come back to them for later projects.

Check out testimonials or online reviews to see if previous buyers were satisfied. Consider your budget, informing the type of manufacturer you purchase from.

You're Illuminated on Hallway Light Fixtures Now

You know that trend where, when you get a new car, you suddenly see the same car everywhere else?

Hallway lights are like that.

You may not have considered your hallway light fixtures much before now—but we guarantee that after reading this guide, you'll start to notice not just your own, but everyone's. From now on, you're sure to begin contemplating every hallway you enter!

Make sure your home has the lighting you need—functional, illuminating, and in line with your current style. Before you buy, consult this guide again for all the important reminders.

At Interior Deluxe, you'll find a wide variety of on-trend options for lighting your hallways. Whether your decor is minimalist or extra, we've got it all. Click here to start shopping!

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