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5 Gorgeous Lighting Tips for Your Dining Room

5 Gorgeous Lighting Tips for Your Dining Room

Are you looking for a new way to make your living space sparkle? Are you in the market for new dining room lighting?

The best dining for your formal eating space will really stand out. It will welcome others into your home and let them know they are experiencing a spectacular meal.

Here are some of our favorite lighting tips for dining rooms.

1. Chandelier

Your dining room is one of the places in your home where a chandelier always seems appropriate. It's welcoming, unique, and a focal point that everyone can appreciate.

Your dining room is also a great place to experiment with chandelier styles. Many contemporary chandeliers allow you to break with tradition and experience designs created with bulbs or resembling twigs. Shapes, textures, and colors abound, so you can enjoy the feeling of a modern art space in your dining room.

Chandeliers made from glass or crystal can really make your space seem formal, and compliment the materials in your china and drinking goblets. They fill the whole space with light and keep it sophisticated at the same time.

2. Wall Sconces

Wall sconces allow you to create light and movement. If you're planning on serving a buffet dinner, they can really light up the area where guests can help themselves.

Wall sconces can help create the warm glow of a Tikki torch without the informality. They can be used to highlight artwork or architectural features in your molding. 

Wall sconces are ideal for smaller dining spaces because they take up less space. They can also create interesting and dramatic shapes and shadows after sunset.

Modern wall sconces come in a number of dramatic shapes and styles, including eye-catching wood finishes and elegant hotel styles. Before choosing a wall sconce for your room, think honestly about how the space will be used. The best sconces will enhance the natural textures and decorating styles you've chosen. 

3. Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting has become increasingly popular in recent years. A pendant light is a single fixture that hangs from a ceiling with a chain, cord, or metal rod.

Many people choose a series of pendant lights that hang over their dining set. They can also get used for highlighting artwork or photos on your wall. A string of pendant lights provides much better lighting than a single fixture would.

It's possible to purchase a pendant with multiple lights at different levels, which creates a cascading effect. You might also wish to purchase several mini pendants and mix and match them yourself.

Drum shade pendants have a bit more surface area and will therefore light up your space a bit more. You can also get dome-shaped ones that bring to mind the warmth of an old-time big-city diner.

Pendant lighting is at the pique of modern trends for dining rooms. If you're looking to make your room appear chic and contemporary, yet classically refined, you can't go wrong with pendant lights.

4. Recessed Lighting

Unlike external lighting options, recessed lighting is installed directly inside a ceiling or modern wall. It's used to give homes a cleaner, more streamlined appearance. 

Recessed lighting can make your spaces look and feel bigger. This is due to "wall washing," an effect that casts more light around the room. Recessed lights can also be a great way to highlight special artwork or showcases.

If you have a smaller room recessed lighting can illuminate it without taking up any space. The lighting comes in a number of different colors. The packaging also offers protection from dust, children, and other possible tarnishing agents. 

Recessed lighting can come in the form of long accent wall lights or spotlights. They are designed to keep a low profile and highlight the warmth and importance of your dining space. 

5. Ceiling Lights

Unlike chandeliers, modern ceiling lights can become a focal point in your dining room without taking up any verticle space. They are directly mounted on your ceiling for maximum illumination of the room.

Ceiling lights can be quite bright and ambient when lit. If you entertain often, they can provide a unique and welcoming space. Ceiling lights come in cool geometric patterns like circles and spirals. If your style is contemporary, you'll find a number of ceiling lights to complement your motif.

Some types of ceiling lights are also available with LED lights. While they may cost a little more upfront, LED lights will last longer than traditional light bulbs. In fact, it's estimated that their lifespan surpasses other light bulbs by 50 times.

LED lights are also more energy-efficient. This is because it produces less wasted light and more useful lumens.

LED lights are also better for the environment when it comes to their production. Unlike other types of lighting, they don't require special handling due to their mercury content. In addition, LED lights emit almost no heat and fewer UV emissions.

LED lights require less voltage to operate, yet they continue to offer a lot of versatility in terms of dimming and lighting styles. They can also withstand frequent switching on and off. If you're looking for a lighting style that is more sustainable and practical, ask your lighting stylist about LED options.

Dining Room Lighting Tips

Today's dining room lighting tips extend far beyond traditional options. With so many shapes and styles to choose from, as well as plenty of sustainable choices, you could have a beautiful, environmentally-friendly living space in no time.

Don't stop getting smart about your lighting options now. For excellent options in every style, contact us today. 

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