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What is Functional Lighting and How to get it right

What is Functional Lighting and How to get it right

Building an attractive ambiance through lighting for the house is a shared dream among all homeowners. Be it majestically extravagant or warm, brightly sparkled or gentle and calming; all these can be achieved through application of correct functional lighting. It is not a simple task though. Countless factors and situations need to be analyzed before confirming your lighting plan. The following article will highlight the 5 things to consider while planning functional lighting in homes.

Purpose of the room

You need to define the purpose of your room first. A bedroom can also be used as a home office for which you would require fixtures such as Tratto chandelier to illuminate the work table. A living room generally meant for family gatherings and watching TV might also be a reading spot for you. If you wish to arrange occasional movie nights with your pals, you would need LED lights that offer a dimmed glow.

 A vast kitchen space can have a small breakfast counter or table in it which calls for specific pieces like Lambda LED Pendant Light. These fixtures would not only light the table or counter but bring a creative touch to the kitchen as well. The bathroom would require a different approach towards lighting if you have a dressing in there. The light fixture must not deliver a glare on the dressing mirror and should draw no shadows.

Categories of Lighting

A lighting plan must compensate for all three types of lighting i.e. ambient, task and accent. There are some rooms of the house that may not need accent lighting like bedrooms and bathrooms. Fixtures such as Cubi Pendant Light are common choices for the general ambient lighting. You can adopt combinations of ceiling lights with hanging fixtures for the general illumination. In living rooms, guest rooms, home libraries and kitchens, you require task lighting as an addition. Pieces like La Primavera L2A floor lamp may be placed on floors to facilitate you in reading. Purchase fixtures that are adjustable. Under cabinet lighting in kitchens can offer you help in everyday tasks like cutting vegetables and marinating. Accent lights can be installed in outdoor lawns in the shape of pieces like Inda Spot GU10 Spot Light or as spot lights in living rooms to highlight a painting.

Natural light is a consideration

Determine the amount of natural light that is reaching every room. You should utilize the maximum natural light and install lighting fixtures accordingly. If your working table is by a window with good sunlight dappling it, you may not need a table lamp. At night, you can bring the floor lamp to your table easily and manage your work in its light. Fixtures such as Prisma Ouro Floor Lamp are elegant choices for such cases.

Highlight your colors

A suitable light can make colors of the room and furniture to pop up. Conversely, a poorly lit room can wash away even the most vibrant shades of your room. Be certain to install the fixtures that can augment the true grace of your room and the belongings in it. Pieces like 2318 Soon Chandelier deliver yellow glow which is classy and all; but a lot of rooms need white glow to be charmingly illuminated.

Vary quantity for supreme quality

The nature and size of the room will define the amount of lighting fixtures you would require. Vary the quantity accordingly. There is nothing more irritating than an overly-glossy room. A larger room would need more light. Similarly a room with multiple closets would need more lighting fixtures such as Ktribe F3 Floor Lamp. A low-ceiling room, on the other hand, requires less light.
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