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Wardrobe lighting is all about finding the perfect balance

Wardrobe lighting is all about finding the perfect balance

Wardrobes are usually located at one side of the room and receive little light. Even if there is a dedicated ceiling light for the wardrobe area, it just doesn't illuminate the inside of the closets. A balanced scheme of wardrobe lighting saves times that is invested in finding items and accommodates for a fun dressing experience.

Lighting up the outside of wardrobe area

This part would usually employ ceiling lighting fixtures because the overhead light would illuminate the whole area equally. One option is to go big and opt for pendants. If the wardrobe space is vast, or the exterior is dominated by mirrors, this could be an elegant option. Fixtures such as Smithfield S Pendant Light are low hanging and chic. They can also support the cabinet lighting apart from adding glamour to the wardrobe. Be sure to purchase cool lighting fixtures as you may spend even an hour on dressing up for a party and don't want to be disturbed by heat.

Monorail lighting is another classy option. It could easily be the only lighting fixture for the entire wardrobe because the spotlights integrated in the rail could be positioned to illuminate the inside of the cabinets and drawers. In that case, you wouldn't need closet lights. You may choose between fixtures such as Monorail 4" Round Direct Feed Canopy - Dual Feed or Monorail 4" Round Direct Feed Canopy - Single Feed. Such a combination is generally used in jewelry or garments stores but could be employed here with great effect too. Installing monorail lighting requires the assistance of a professional electrician.

Moving Inside

When the outside is covered, you turn towards the inside of the wardrobe that contains all your clothes, shoes, jewelry and bags. From strip lights to puck lights, you can select anything depending on the size of the cabinets, your budget and the dimensions of the cupboards. LED strip lights are the first option. It gives a sleek and cleaner look and consumes less energy. Yellow, white, or blue; whatever the color maybe, it would give your closets a supreme sense of style. Pieces like LED Picture Light Strip Picture Lamp are cheaper but are not very long. You may need to attach two in the hanging section. They are versatile enough to be placed horizontally or vertically. Their installation is easy and quick as they are battery operated.

The second option is the puck light. They have to be wired which is their biggest downside. If you can manage to clip the wires neatly to the surface so that it is shielded from the naked eye, this could be a top pick. They are not instantly spotted because they are placed within the shelves and give a good amount of light. Pieces like Puck 5464 Wall Art Double Light come in silver finish and are seldom prone to replacement. You can choose the thickness of the fixture, depending on the thickness of your shelves. This option is only applicable if the wardrobe is wooden which the usual case is. Mirrored or glass wardrobes are very expensive and fragile. Flex tape lights is the third option. They can be cut to any length and fixtures such as Sweeping Taper Large Wall Sconce come with dimmer option so that you can alter the brightness according to the desired need. 

Turn toward something unique

Where unique items are risky in terms of coherence, they can yield great results if selected with perfection. Low hanging fixtures such as Baco AP Wall Sconce can be placed to illuminate the outside and the inside of the wardrobe single-handedly, motion-sensing fixtures have their own grace and mirror features can increase the scope of luminescence because of reflections.
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