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Using different types of light to decorate your home

Using different types of light to decorate your home

For many owners, choosing how to appropriately light their home may be overwhelming. But, by following a few simple steps and answering some basic questions, homeowners can determine their home's lighting needs.

First ask yourself, what rooms do you plan on using and how much light do you need for the activities completed in those rooms? For example, if you are installing light fixtures in a study, you'll probably need something with a fluorescent bulb that gives off lots of bright light. Also, remember that for good visual performance when engaging in tasks, look for lights that don't give off a strong glare.

Next, keep in mind that general lighting is used to help guide people to a destination. For example, contemporary outside lighting is used to guide people inside your home. Remembering to keep light functional will ensure that it both looks sophisticated and serves a purpose. The next type of lighting to consider incorporating into your home is zonal lighting, also known as task lighting. This type of illumination is predominantly used for everyday tasks or activities like eating or shaving. To properly use task lighting, try hanging modern ceiling fixtures over your dining room or bathroom mirror.

Finally, try using mood lighting to create a homey and cozy atmosphere. This type of ambiance can be achieved using artificial lighting fixtures because they can give off warmer colors depending on what color light bulb you use. For example, consider using a softer bulb on a table lamp that is resting on a side table. This will help create a pleasant glow that is felt throughout the room.

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