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Using chandeliers to decorate your home

Using chandeliers to decorate your home

Beautiful chandeliers will undoubtedly draw attention to any room. Whether you choose to go with a fixture made of brass, glass or another material, chandeliers add an accent that is unparalleled to almost any other decorative piece. Many people see to think that chandeliers should be hung only in a dining room. However, as many well-known interior decorators, like Nick Longo, will tell you, this simply is not the case. Modern chandeliers have beautiful accents, like feathers and beaded fringe, and so depending on the feel you want your room to have, they can be enjoyed in almost any room. If you've bought and chandelier and you want it to emit extra bright light, consider purchasing 60-watt chandelier bulbs. If your chandelier needs 10 bulbs, that 600 watts of light. If you are looking for a light that isn't quite as dazzling, try using 40 or even 25-watt bulbs.

These will provide your room with an overall subtle glow. If you are going for an even more romantic and softly lit look, try installing a dimmer which will give you one more way to control the glow. Just because your patio is outside doesn't mean you shouldn't use any lighting to decorate it. Chandeliers are an appropriate outside light source that provides a romantic glow, like chandeliers. These fixtures mix the hanging look of a chandelier and use candles to emit light. They can hang anywhere there is no electricity. For a decadent and almost palace-like feeling, try hanging a small chandelier over your bathtub. Not only will it make you feel like a royal, but you will also create an elegant look that will impress even the most stylistically gifted house guests.

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