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Unique lighting fixtures for your bathroom

Unique lighting fixtures for your bathroom

It's often true that bathrooms are one of, if not, the smallest rooms in your house. But, just because that may be the case, that doesn't mean you should forget about installing proper lighting. A well-lit bathroom can make a world of difference when performing everyday tasks, like shaving or applying makeup. It can also help set a mood when you or another family member is relaxing by soaking in the bathtub.

First, it's a good idea to evaluate how much light your bathroom presently has. If there is plenty of natural light coming through the windows and you have ceiling pendants or maybe even a small contemporary chandelier, it may not be necessary to add much more illumination.

Next, consider hanging task lighting above any mirrors. This is what is known as "everyday" light and makes daily tasks which require light a little bit easier. You can use energy efficient light bulbs when installing this type of illumination. Not only does this help save you money on your next electricity bill, but these types of bulbs give off 100,000 hours of light, according to LightComp LED Corp.

In order to have full control of how much lighting is in your bathroom, lighting experts suggest installing a dimmer. You can change how much illumination you want, depending on your mood, and many of these lighting options come with programmable settings you can save and use in the future. Finally, try installing wall sconces on both sides of your mirror. Doing so will add a touch of charm that will make your bathroom quite inviting to your family members or house guests. Because these fixtures most often don't produce very intense light, they cast a glow that is both romantic and even a bit mysterious.

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