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Tricks and tips for choosing perfect bedside lamps

Tricks and tips for choosing perfect bedside lamps

Bedside lamps do a lot more than just providing nighttime and reading illumination. It bestows completeness to the bed and hence to whole of the bedroom and adds an adorning touch to the room. Choosing the perfect bedside lamp requires consideration of some factors.

Purpose of the lamp

The foremost question you need to ask yourself is Why do you need table lamps? Do you need it just to complete your best set or want to accommodate your nighttime reading habit or do you want to add a unique styling element to the room. The answer to this question will determine the type of lamp you would purchase. If you want subtle pieces to match with your low-backed bed, small pieces like Danona Mini Table Lamp would do the job. They give a mild light and are charmingly crafted. If you have high backed beds, you need larger lamps for coherence. Fixtures such as Ema Mesa table lamp or other large lamps would have to be purchased then.

As a general rule of thumb, you need one table lamp if you are single and two if you have a sleeping partner. For those, who are single, can afford to be very experimental and purchase uniquely styled bedside lamps like Atollo table lamp 236 / 237 / 235 - Opal glass. It is chic in nature despite having a simple exterior and can go with every color of bed. There are some people who like shabby colors, loves dark and want something which is not bright at all. They can opt for something which is a bit dull in color. It could be a tiffany or buffet lamp.

Which style do you need?

The style of every part of furniture in a room should complement each other. It doesn't necessarily have to be the exact same style but layers can just work fine. In fact, a layered effect that utilizes different but rational styles makes a room look even prettier. If you have a traditional toned bedroom, you need something similar in style or slightly more contemporary.

Pieces like Soprana Solid TL-1 Table Lamp could a decent option. They are old-fashioned in nature but the stand is a sleek depiction of metalwork. Many modern homeowners try to decorate their rooms with a mix of styles. It makes the buying process easier as there is no specific item to look at and also saves money because some distinct styles are hard and expensive to find out. Transitional fixtures such as Spun Light T2 Table Lamp can be a huge help in this regard. They carry the decorative elements from different ages, put them together and form an integrated and commendable bedside lamp. They have numerous style and color options.

Lamp type is crucial

It is another significant factor. Different people need different types of lamps. Those who prefer LED lamps have a wide field to eye for. There are simpler ones, the ones with multiple bulbs, ones that are simple and cheap and ones that give only a mild light. Pieces like Cobra Wall Lamp are very efficient lamps available in countless colors. Some people want tree lamps to provide more illumination and scope of directional lighting. They are also more decorative in nature.


Others desire for dimmable lamps while some look for gourd lamps. The market has all of these options but usually, the price range comes in between. If you have children who love jumping all over the house, you have to be even more careful and buy those that are sturdy and can sustain falls.

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