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Great Tips on Planning Your Home Lighting

Great Tips on Planning Your Home Lighting

Do you want some great tips on how to make your home look even better? Interior Deluxe have the expert advice you need. You don't need to have the same amount, and kind, of lighting in each room. By tailoring your lighting to the activity that happens in the room you can create the perfect light throughout the house.

Establish the amount of light needed for your room

Do you use one room as a home office, or a room to pass away the hours in front of a computer? Dim lighting will ease the stress on your eyes and make it a more comfortable experience. A simple table yet elegant table lamp can be trained upon the desk, and this in itself may be all the light you need.

If you have a room that's used for entertaining guests or having dinner parties, then have lots of lighting. Chandeliers are a possibility, and they're always guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

In the bedroom you could have a dimmer switch, or lighting whose intensity can easily be raised and lowered. We don't need to say any more about that one.

Zonal lighting

General lighting lights up your room as a whole. Zonal lighting is used to accentuate one particular area. It can pick out a dining table, or a chair to sit and read in, or even a breakfast bar. The choice is yours, but the contrast between dark and light is always pleasing to the eye. Angled spotlights are a great choice for zonal lighting.

Mood lighting

Color has a huge impact on the way we feel. There are dozens of books written on the subject, but you'll instinctively know what colors appeal to you. You can have different colored bulbs to create different moods and atmospheres in your rooms. And the great thing about colored light bulbs is that you can change them over as often as you like. It's the most cost effective way there is to change the look of your rooms and improve your home decor, and you'll be amazed what a difference it can make. I hope you found the above tips helpful, but here's one great final tip: experiment! Try different lamps, fittings and colors until you find the combination that's just perfect for you.

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