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The way you light your bedroom

The way you light your bedroom

Undisturbed relaxation and regeneration that is what we expect from our bedroom. A versatile lighting concept ensures that this space can become an oasis of relaxation, but also an ideal reading and dressing room! Leimu by Magnus Petterson

An unusual mix of materials: The glass shade sits on a concrete base. Especially during the winter months we look forward to the comfort of our house; here we can find tranquility, warmth and security. When it gets dark outside quite early, a large part of our satisfaction depends on a successful lighting concept. Even though we mainly sleep in our bedroom, the importance of the area should not be underestimated. Relevant decisions are made in here - even if it is just the daily selection of clothing. The lighting of each bedroom should accommodate at least three scenarios: when entering the room, you can choose between brighter general lighting and atmospheric ambience lighting. And if you quickly want to get out the right outfit with one grip in your closet, there should be some bright spots, since general lighting will illuminate the closet in very few cases sufficiently. And finally your bedroom should have appropriate reading lights that you can control from your bed.

Create your personal lighting To start, consider which tasks the lighting should accomplish and consider the three basic types of light: first you should take care of the general lighting, which serves for orientation purposes. Then concentrate on the illumination of special areas, such as an armchair, a mirror or pictures. Zone lights create brighter spots in selected areas of your room. This direct light can also be used to outline the area and to steer the observer in one direction.

Elane Long table lamp

For every situation the right light: this lamp can be switched and dimmed infinitely variable. Finally, the third kind of your lighting is mood lighting or accent lighting for furniture and accessories. You will feel especially comfortable when you can choose from diverse light sources and when you can create proper lighting scenarios for different situations. A single light in the room is never sufficient. Recessed light fixtures, which let you choose between a lighter and an evocative mode when entering the room, are suitable for the lighting of a bedroom. Dimmable lighting is always practical. You can indirectly illuminate your room or even make the ceiling look higher with floodlights, while individual spot lights can accentuate pictures and furniture.

The many forms of mood light With regards to the mood lighting of your bedroom, you can give your imagination free reins! Experiment with different lights and set them up according to your needs. Keep in mind that mood light only glows, but does not illuminates the entire room. It can create coziness and romance, but can also arouse passion. Especially with the mood light, the advantages of artificial lighting come into its own. Create accents with table lamps, chandeliers or let recessed spotlights conjure up a mixture of light and shadow on the walls.

Closet and orientation lighting General lighting will suffice only in very few cases for accurately choosing the right clothes out of your closet. You should either choose a wardrobe with interior lighting or start at an earlier stage, when planning your house or apartment, with the considerations of a lighting design. Recessed light fixtures are particularly suitable as cabinet lighting. A distance of approximately 50-80 cm in front of the closet is ideal. For later installation, you can also install ceiling lights or spotlights that illuminate the interior of the cabinet well. You should also think about wall recessed lights near the floor at an early stage. They come in very handy, because they don't blind you and provide excellent orientation at night for a trip to the bathroom. Your children will also be happy, if they are on their way to see you. For seniors, the lighting can contribute to an increased sense of security.

Relaxed reading in bed If you prefer to cozily read in bed, you should select adjustable and dimmable reading lights, since this is the only way to customize the desired brightness exactly for your needs. A halogen lamp with 20 Watts, which directs light on your book, is sufficient. The best solution would be a lamp that provides a 70 cm difference in height to the lying surface. Wall lights are especially safe, because they never fall down (contrary to reading lamps on the bedside table).


This lamp provides soft light to fall asleep. Its white shimmer can be regulated by using a dimmer. You might also consider a variant of lighting that allows your partner to sleep when you still want to read. The same goes for mornings, when one would like to stay in bed a little bit longer. Nobody wants to be blinded by bright light that is falling on your bed in the morning. If you can turn on/off all lights from your bed, you are on the safe side.

A light alarm clock for a special wake-up experience. Our internal clock, the circadian system, is only being activated starting at 1,000 lux. Especially during the winter months, when we spend most of our time indoors, we spend our time in biological darkness. Bright light with large amounts of blue enables our pineal gland, which is located in the hypothalamus and distributes the sleep hormone melatonin at night and the stress hormone cortisol, which makes us awake and powerful, during the day. Light controls our sleep-wake cycle and gives our body the signal to get up. Only during the 1990s was discovered that our retinal ganglion cells control the function of the pineal gland. Thus the always suspected relationship between bluish light and alert activity was discovered.

Lumie table lamp

Different sounds to choose from come with this wake-up light alarm. Instead of using an acoustic signal to wake up in the morning, you can start the day with a gentle and then increasing brighter light: this increasing light signals your inner clock the beginning of a new day. The melatonin concentration is being weakened by the simulation of the morning sun through a light alarm clock and you will wake up by the light alone and you will feel rested - before the alarm goes off as a back up. Such a device can stabilize your internal clock and will put you in a positive mood.

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