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The importance (and beauty) of great stairway lighting

The importance (and beauty) of great stairway lighting

Hello everyone and happy new year! I have a client right now who has the most gorgeous views of the water and a rather large stairway surrounded by windows. The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was this massive stairway and the itty bitty little light that was installed there by the builders. It wasn't even a second thought-this lamp had to go! In my experience the lighting up a stairwell and hanging above it should be included in your overall room plan to have it coincide with the rest of the interior. Functional lighting is part of the success of a well designed room, however beautiful lighting can also be a part of that function without losing anything important. Here are some examples of great stairway lighting used in a few different spaces. Narrow hallway, open spaces and yes, large windows that need something special to look at not only inside but outside too!


Icaro Ball Pendant by Modoluce

Icaro Ball Pendant


Mass-NA6 Chandelier


Geode Pendant Lamp


Globe Suspension Lamp


Mega Bulb Pendant Lamp


Viscontea Suspension Lamp


Pan-Am Wall Sconce


Ball-Black Pendant


Rina SP 60 Pendant Lamp

What lamp would you choose to make your stairway shine? A simple glass globe, or a unique find such as a geode or cage? There are so many options out there, but if you know your space well, you will find the perfect fit for you and your home!

Have a wonderful day!


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There may be lots of interior design tricks and lots of styles to make smaller rooms look bigger right from the furniture to the huge mirrors placed at a room or the walls and stripy rugs on the floors. But no one has ever thought about how important lights can be to play the role in creating a sense of space in a room. Do not rely on a single source of light in a room and use multiple lights around the room for opening the space up.

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