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The best light for your bedside

The best light for your bedside

When choosing a lamp for a bedside, there are a few essential things to consider, but once those bases are covered, it's fun to get a bit experimental and choose something unexpected. So first, think about these things:

Base Size: How big should the lamp be? The base shouldn't take up more than 25% of the space on the top of the table because you'll need room for the other goodies you like to keep on the night stand. But, it shouldn't be too small either though because you don't want it to knock over every time you fumble in the dark.

Height: What's the right hight for a bedside lamp? A bedside lamp shouldn't be taller than about 30 inches to make sure that the light is casting downward and not towards the other side of the bed.

Style: What kind of lamp is best? You'll need to think about proportion. How big is your bed? How big is your bedside table? Make sure the size of the lamp is proportionate to the size of the furniture in the room. If your bed is low to the ground, you'll want something more petite. If your bed is in a corner, or if you're living in a small bedroom, perhaps wall lighting is the way to go to save space.

Anything else? Yes! Remember that if lamps have switches on the chord, it makes it easier to shut on and off from bed. Also, don't feel like lamps on either side of the bed have to match. You can also go for something more eclectic and use complimentary, but not matching lamps.

Now that you know the essentials we can have some fun! Here are some of my favorite lamps to use on a bedside!


New Classic Pastia

If your bed is large and you want to keep things hot in the bedroom, this sleek, modern Italian lamp provides just the right amount of vavavoom!


Glo table lamp

This lamp comes with a dimming switch and provides a sensual glow perfect for a modern, romantic bedroom.


Josephine Mini

This versatile lamp is perfect for a neutral, but sculptural look.


Piccola table lamp

This versatile little fellow is as functional as it is playful and would be great to have one on either side of the bed, in two contrasting colors!

If you're short on space, than a wall sconce is the way to go. This one has an organic/modern look that I love.

So how will you be lighting up your bedside?

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