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The Amazing Art of Outdoor Lighting

The Amazing Art of Outdoor Lighting

The Amazing Art of Outdoor Lighting

Your home isn't just four walls and what's within them. It's everything that's outside too. Outdoor lighting can transform your landscape, and it can be a fun and creative activity for all the family. You don't have to be a professional to plan and install outdoor lighting. Here are some of our handy expert tips on how to transform your garden and pathways. 

Down lighting

Down lighting uses low energy LED and halogen bulbs to shine down upon a particular object. It could be used to illuminate a garden statue for a striking visual effect. Your home will look like a classic museum or gallery.

Up lighting

Outdoor up lights shine a light upwards, creating a stunning contrast between the illuminated foreground and the dark background. Here's a great top: up lighting can look particularly dramatic if used for a fountain.

Wall and Step Lighting

You can have lights arranged across your wall, or pick out the textures with LED up lights. Stone steps can also be illuminated. This can be a very useful safety feature.

Feature Lighting

You're proud of your garden ornaments and statues, and rightly so. They can look even better in the evening or night time when they're lit up by outdoor feature lighting.

Tree Lighting

It;'s not only Christmas trees that should be lit up. You'll be amazed how beautiful outdoor trees can look when they have strings of lights in their branches. It's a fantastic feature if you're holding an outdoor party in Summer or Fall. Modern outdoor lighting is just perfect for rockeries, ponds, waterfalls, and cascades. Turn something that was attractive into something that's truly magical.

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