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Surface Lighting for Dummies

Surface Lighting for Dummies

If you have ever heard someone say "good lighting is everything," you've heard right! Without a doubt, having good lighting can instantly transform your room's environment and ambiance – changing the mood of the space in minutes.

Surface lighting has been a staple in the lighting business, as it is the best fit for homes, restaurants, and offices alike due to the massive variety in sizes and shapes. Fixtures such as Haro outdoor surface lamp are a popular addition for those who wish to add surface lighting in their rooms as well.

Have a long corridor you wish to add depth to? Or a room with low ceilings incapable of chunky lighting? It's best to opt for surface lighting in spaces like these, as it incorporates the right amount of intensity to any room.

Planning Out the Lighting

Before installing surface lights, it is essential to plan out your purchases properly, so you're not wasting lighting pieces or ending up buying the wrong fixture. First of all, consider your lighting preference and the temperature you want to maintain in your room. This will help eliminate a chunk of unwanted lighting ideas.

Next, consider the height of your ceiling. This is a significant step, as it ensures that your surface lights do not get damaged by hanging too low. After getting these technicalities out of the way, plan out where you want to install your surface lights, whether you want them over your dining table, or in your hallway. Knowing what you want can help you purchase fixtures such as Wave Surface Mount with ease.

Draft the Aesthetics

Surface lighting comes in a wide variety of styles. The lighting can range from the powder-coated finish to metal-plating, and even painted finishes, which can make one very double-minded when choosing these illumination pieces. Don't forget that the finish you choose will also have an impact on the light distribution; hence, it is vital to draft out the aesthetics you're looking to include when selecting fixtures such as Paramount Surface Mount.

Choosing Between Mounting Styles

  1. Ceiling Mounted Surface Lighting

One of the most popular styles of surface lighting is that of ceiling-mounted lights. Pieces like Surface Mount Freejack Canopy add a contemporary look to whatever space you mount them in. Choose between a full-flushed or a semi-flushed mounted surface light, both of which illuminate the room and enhance the aesthetics. While they both are quite similar, the only visible difference is the gap between the ceiling and the fixture itself. Whatever style of surface light you choose, it is guaranteed to create a better ambiance than before.

  1. Wall Mounted Surface Lighting

If you wish to add a contemporary contrast to your home, include the novelty wall mounted surface lighting fixtures such as Tigris Oval Surface Mirror, which comes in various original, chic designs. The primary purpose of this surface lighting is to either diffuse light or cast it in a different direction, such as upwards or downwards – either way, it's a great addition to harness illumination.

  1. Track Mounted Surface Lighting

Want to give an industrial look to your kitchen? Or maybe the in-house art gallery you've been planning for ages? Add track-mounted pieces like Bell 230 Surface-Mount Spotlight - LED to the room to completely revamp your space. Connected to the ceiling with a wire, this lighting is snapped into place to provide focused light to whatever area you want.

With countless options, surface lighting and fixtures define the space itself while brightening the room. Hence their luminous quality makes desirable additions to your house.


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