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Summer of lights

Summer of lights

Summer offers opportunities for unforgettable parties - whether in the garden, at the beach or by the pool. Discover the potential of emotional light moods outdoors! You can create magical attraction points in your garden by effectively illuminating water areas or swimming pools. Fire baskets create a romantic mood   Warm summer nights invite to grill outdoors or to celebrate atmospheric events. Your nightly garden gets a mysterious aura with good lighting, which differs significantly from what you perceive there during the day. Light in the garden is also decorative, because here the drama of light and shadow can be enjoyed much more than in the interior of the house, where there are practical considerations to be taking into account. Create emotions with light that you cannot only enjoy during your garden party, but every day instead. You can only see your garden in the dark when you illuminate it. This way you create almost a second garden, a "garden of the night". You should use the opportunity and change your familiar environment when you plan a party, to make it new and playful. Here, nothing has to be perfect - improvise and let many people immediately enjoy the result. You should not forget the aspect of color, since colors affect us much more than we think. If you have colored walls or colorful accessories, you should use spotlight for these color elements. You can also experiment with colored light, because a party with only white light might be considered dull.         Outdoor lights

Light scenes for balmy summer nights It is not easy to develop the desired scenery, but imagine that you would create a stage for balmy summer nights that differs completely from what you are seeing there during the day. Cool light furniture for the party The play of light and shadow is a very important part of your party. Instead of evenly-lit areas, the contrasts of light and dark areas is more exciting with regards to a garden. Trees and shrubs can be illuminated with directional light via spotlights from behind. This produces striking silhouettes that come very close in comparison to a theater stage. Create magical attraction points in your garden by hanging beautiful lights in the trees, or illuminate any existing water surfaces. The non-moving water of a garden pond can appear slightly cloudy with direct light, therefore it might be better to focus the light on a wall instead, so that it can reflect in the water of the pond. However, illuminated fountains or water games appear much livelier. Floating candles or waterproof luminaires placed between plants in the water are the simplest solution of illuminated water surfaces. A lighted pool does not only look very decorative; it should be well visible for security reasons as well. Therefore a dip in the pool in a balmy summer night is a special pleasure, since light and water are notoriously a combination for a double feel-good effect.   Piramide light and Tipi tent by Gandia Blasco

Pur beach romantic LED products are ideally suited for monochrome or colored underwater lighting of pools, because they don't use much power, virtually never have to be replaced and are small and resistant. However, for the electrical installation of underwater lights you should consult a specialist. LED's have a party!   Illuminated furniture, tables, or planters have a special character as well: objects made of opaque plastic often replace the little mood lights that otherwise characterize the seating arrangements. In addition, it is possible to regulate furniture and objects with a central lighting control, which allows you to change colors, brightness, and to switch the sequence as an own choreography. LED lights are particularly suitable for the lighting of a party, since they can shine in all colors and have minimal dimensions. They hardly appear as objects, are virtually maintenance-free and have a favorable energy balance. Classic and affordable party lights are candles in colored glasses, colorful lamps or torches. Effective LED light   Tee candles are also available as a very innovative LED variant that simulates the flicker of a candle - simply do the test with your guests, and find out if they notice the difference between a real candle flame and a LED light. If you enjoy these effects, shells of fire are a nice alternative to a campfire. The flames are either generated by gas, so you can experience the mood of a real fire in a simple way, or you can use beam baskets or braziers, using really burning wood. If you want to set up an outdoor bar at your party as well, then the option of light choices ranges from pleasant flickering lanterns on an elevated table to the professional version of backlight indoor illuminated counters, which shine through the plastic of the LED panels. Of course, you can also arrange colorful bottles in a cupboard, behind which you can place an elongated lamp and thereby easily create a beautiful light show. If you have fun in the planning, your party is going to be a real success, and everyone will experience an unforgettable evening.    

TipWhat light for what needs? Ask yourself: what should I see? A certain dim lighting in the seating area is comfortable, but be careful with regards to stairs and water surfaces. For paths through the garden it is advisable to choose light sources that are not too bright, because otherwise the eye will be overwhelmed by the differences in brightness. Stair areas should be illuminated. Small wall lights near the ground can illuminate the steps quite unobtrusively.

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