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Lighting Style and Function Dilemmas Solved

Lighting Style and Function Dilemmas Solved

We field many questions during the day here. Most are simple product related questions, but the more challenging questions focus on general style and function lighting dilemmas. So we thought we would take a moment to capture a couple of common questions and answers.


Double 5000-376 Chandelier

How do I know what size chandelier I need for my dining room?

The formula to find the right diameter for a chandelier in your dining room or as a focal point in an entryway or living room, is length of room + width of room, converted to inches or (12+24= 36). For this example you will need a chandelier that is 36 inches wide. You can also measure against the table too if the measurement seems a bit off. The chandelier should be three quarters of the width of the table, or 12" less than the width of your table. It should hang no lower than 30 to 32 inches from the table top, based on an 8' ceiling.


Spira Recessed Light

How many watts do I need for proper lighting in a room?

To find the number of watts you need in a space, begin by measuring the room. Once you have the room measurements, there is a simple formula to find the number of watts needed. To figure the wattage for a 12' by 24' room, multiply 12 x 24 to get the square footage, (12 x 24=288) Then multiply 288 by 1.5 to find the number of watts needed to illuminate the room. (288 x 1.5= 432) You will need 432 watts in a space to properly illuminate it. Most fixtures take 60 watt bulbs, to find the number of bulbs needed divide 432 by 60, or by the desired wattage. If you plan to use halogens, LED's or CFL's you will need to determine the comparable wattage as they typically differ from incandescent bulbs.


Flute Pendant Light

What do I need to know when picking out pendant lights for my kitchen island?
Pendant lights are becoming a must have for any newly renovated kitchen. Often hung over an island or above a pass through, pendants can bring that extra layer of style as well as function to your kitchen. When it comes to picking out the right fixtures, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure the style is compatible with the style of the kitchen. Choose a contemporary pendant for a contemporary or transitional kitchen. Next, make sure the scale of the pendant will work, especially if you are planning on hanging more than one. Pendants should be hung at 30" above the counter top with the light hitting the counter and not the floor. Multiple pendants should be hung evenly spaced over the the island as well.
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