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How to Light Up Your Stairway Properly

How to Light Up Your Stairway Properly

Staircases are a permanent feature of houses and sometimes in terms of lighting, they remain strictly neglected. There is a misconception regarding these architectural pieces of art that they cannot be illuminated properly, usually a fixture or two are installed at the entry and exit point, leaving the remaining structure in dark. However, you would be glad to find out that staircases are in fact the ideal place for showing off your taste when it comes to lighting. Hence before getting further detracted, let’s find out how you can make the most out of your staircase.

Lay the ground work with recessed lighting

You must initiate the process of staircase illumination with recessed lighting, since the first objective is to light the staircase, and there is no better alternative than recessed lighting. Run the lighting fixtures such as Cambio 3W Recessed Light and Iside 2 LED Recessed Light alongside the staircase, by the time you’re finished, you would notice that not only your staircase is properly illuminated now, but you’ve also managed to enhance the overall ambiance of the setting. Recessed lighting alongside staircase provides a magical array of illumination which has a bewitching impact on the overall environment.

Deployment of Wall Lights

Wall lights and especially sconces are indeed a life-saver when it comes to staircase lighting. There are a number of pieces which could be doubled up as wall lights. Pieces such as Surf Micro Wall Sconce LED and Vittoria P Wall Sconce are ideal for staircases as they are not bulky and can easily blend into the setting. Moreover one thing which you must always try to keep in mind while lighting up your staircase is that, there should be enough room for the movement, sometimes people tend to install huge pieces alongside stairs, such pieces create issues in movement hence try to refrain from pieces which are over-sized.

Under stair Lighting

Now this is where things get interesting, usually when we think about staircase lighting, all that comes to our mind is the lighting alongside staircase. However, stairs are not only limited to that, the underneath space of stairs is often neglected, and it remains in dark, you must try to utilize this space by installing primary lighting fixtures such as Lederam W Wall Sconce and Talo Mini Wall Sconce LED. These fixtures are not only contemporary looking but also are a great source of light, hence they would aid you in utilizing this space.

LED strips are a game changer

Many people do not like to crowd their stairs with lighting fixtures, and rightly so, since stairs are primarily built for movement, however at the same time, you need to illuminate the staircase. This is where the LED lighting strips come into play, you could easily install the lighting strip, strip would remain invisible to the naked eye and yet illuminate your staircase. Moreover LED strips also add a completely new contemporary dimension to your lighting layout.

Use texture to your advantage

If you happen to have textured walls alongside stairs then you’re in luck as you could do a lot of things with it, firstly you could use a LED strip to light certain sections of the wall, then you could run a white LED strip alongside each side of stairs, just to keep things subtle. However, still if you wish to further tone down a bit then you could deploy the LED strip to just one side of the stairs. Moreover, if you want to light a single side of your staircase, don’t worry about the side, as both sides could be lighted and left dark.

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