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Setting the tone with entrance lighting

Setting the tone with entrance lighting

A reassuring entrance lighting would help to create a welcoming aura because everyone including your guests like to feel accepted and soothed while entering the house. It would also set an optimistic tone for the ambiance of the rest of your house so how do you do it?

Getting the basics right initially

Who would want a dark front door with not even enough light that you can see the keyhole properly? Apparently, no one hence place a suitable luminary so that you don't have any problem inserting the key in to the door. If the entryway is covered with ceiling, you may place piece like Skirt Pendant Lamp - SKR150-2 (Large, 2 tier) because they are simple in design and get the job done using a few bucks but conversely, you have to opt for water-proof wall sconces or wall lanterns. It's up to the effect you want that will define the design of these fixtures. It could be contemporary, transitional or traditional. skirt-sp-150-2-hr-h_1 Fixtures such as Circle C4 ceiling or wall light is a gorgeous mix of modern and traditional design schemes incorporated together through glass engravings that shines with creativity. You may also employ the option of post lights if budget is not an issue. It would also light up the entryway leading to the front door and won't be affected by weather at all.

Getting inside

That was the outdoor part of the entrance. The inner part is even more important because traditionally, people think it is where the actual house starts. It shouldn't be blindingly bright but you don't want it to be too dark at the same time. There needs to be a good balance between dazzle and composure for entrance lighting.

The central fixture

The first thing you need to do is to choose the main lighting fixture responsible for the general illumination. It could be a large chandelier or pendant if the entrance is enormous. Pieces like Zoom 3 Chandelier are designed as caged structure but promote a sense of contemporary design and compatibility at the same time. There are various other styles to try out and that will depend on the interior of your house. If the ceilings are high, you can go for tiered fixtures such as Spiral SP2 Gold Chandelier.

There are many cases when entrance opens glare to the stairway leading to the first or second floor; these fixtures will highlight them. For door entrance lighting you may go for an electric-styles chandelier if the front door is retro-styled or minimalistic if the space is confined. If you have a mirror in the entryway as many people do, ensure that the chandelier or pendant are high enough so they are not visible in the mirror because it is just frustrating.

The supporting charm

After you are done with the central piece, its up to the supporting pieces to show their presence. It won't be every time you will switch on the chandelier for illumination therefore you must have a small wall or ceiling fixture to accommodate for night time and not-so-special illumination. Pieces like Spring Parete Wall Lamp are good options because they are elegant and simple at the same time. An interesting option could be the installation of rope lighting on the perimeter of the ceiling or pre-constructed spaces in the ceiling. spring_01
Fixtures such as Arc small Parete Wall Lamp throw a weak, composed yellow light which provides a grand luminescence without any reflections or glare, and serve as an ideal option for entrance lighting. Not only can it be sufficient for nighttime illumination but be a perfect combination for your central fixture as well. Be careful while choosing them because there are many sub quality products out there.
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