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Lighting Tips for Spa and Wellness

Lighting Tips for Spa and Wellness

Light for your Wellness-Spa Whether the Turkish Hamam, the Roman baths, or the Nordic sauna culture - the modern Wellness-Spa goes back to century old traditions. But you can only create an oasis of relaxation in your bath area with proper light design. Ecologically sensible: this sensor lamp only radiates light when needed. In today's bath and spa areas bath and bedroom increasingly merge in order to become one unit - comparable with the development of kitchen and living room. Purely functional bathrooms are no longer what is required, because many people don't want to be only clean, but want to cleanse their souls as well. The body overcomes the narrowness and is celebrated. This also explains why more and more people are being inspired by the bath cultures of antiquity: an inspiring aura is connected to the Roman baths, the Turkish Hamam, or the northern European sauna culture. In all those ceremonies, heat, water and relaxation come together and provide for the recovery of body and soul. In order for you to come to inner peace, the concept of the system should fit your needs, because the bathroom is the most intimate room of the house. Harmony of color and lighting Today many private wellness areas are reminiscent of living rooms. Materials and furniture used in those spacious areas would not have been used some years ago: bathroom sinks resting on wooden sideboards, and the tub is placed like a shrine in the middle of the room. The shower experience in large and glassed in cabins is reminiscent of a tropical downpour - especially if the shower head the size of a dinner plate is fitted with LEDs, which lighten up the down-flowing water with colored light. Generous mirrors reflect an interesting sidelight on the wall thanks to their back light. Line lights directly on the mirror surface provide optimum light for applying makeup and shaving. Optionally, subtle recessed light fixtures provide uniform illumination. Instead of tile, surfaces are also made of frosted glass, stainless steel or out of ship planks. You can also find the velvety surface of high-strength concrete or precious stone in a lot of cases. In such a room, you can read quietly, listen to beautiful music or enjoy even small snacks or a glass of champagne. You could hang pictures or sculptural reliefs, or place a chandelier over the middle of the room above the object-like tub. That way you can extend your evening bath to a relaxing wellness trip. Royal Universe by Keuco This Cabinet is equipped with modern LED lighting. Available with two or three doors. The room can receive a special character through colored decorated walls. For this, you don't necessarily need to use a brush, because with colored floodlights that are inconspicuously placed in the ceiling, you can change your white walls depending on the mood and time of day to the color of your choice. In old buildings with high ceilings you can create beautiful color effects with single colored tiles. These can be combined with corresponding colored skirting boards or colored stucco edges. You can experiment at a whim with the illumination of your spa. A submersible colored light in your swimming pool is just as effective as a colored light in your bathtub. And you can use even one of the most innovative technologies by using translucent concrete: Massive concrete walls are criss-crossed by light conductive fibers and create unusual effects. The right light in the morning and in the evening Especially in spring the bright light of the sun is part of the start to a perfect day or, if the weather or the time don't allow - the refreshing brightness of illumination. You should provide the brightest light in the area of the mirror or wash basin. For shaving or make-up, the light should not shine brightly from above, but rather shine around the mirror from two or three sides. Lamps with a warm white light color are ideal, which can make your complexion look perfect. The remaining space should be bathed in mellow light. The opposite applies if glossy surfaces of tile, porcelain or glass reflect the light in a strong way. Since the positions of tub, shower and sink normally don't change, indirect lighting with recessed lights in the ceiling or wall are ideal. This way you also ensure security, because water and electricity are a dangerous combination - and recessed lighting is less exposed to water spray. Inipi Sauna by Duravit Cleaning for body and soul: sauna with backlit bench. When selecting the light fixtures you should consider the glare, because while lying down or while bathing in a tub or Jacuzzi, the view is often directed to the ceiling. The same way you like to start fresh into the day in the morning, the same way you wish a relaxing lighting scenario in the evening. You will find the time to switch off from everyday life and unwind. And especially late at night your body needs to adjust to the night. At this time the sleep hormone melatonin is being produced; it controls our day-night rhythm, and is the biological clock of our body. Water Dream by Grohe 
This copper shower is an elaborate tribute to craftsmanship. The beauty and elegance of technology come to the foreground. Therefore you should create a comfortable ambient atmosphere with lighting that can be dimmed and a subtle change of the light color towards the reddish area. Test the possibilities of modern lighting control systems and program the brightness and the chronological sequence of the colors to your liking. If you are using LEDs, you can individually program the choreography and the brightness and retrieve the desired scenario with a single push of a button. You can even simulate sunrises or starry skies in your sauna or steam bath. Add lightness to your sauna by illuminating the benches from below. You can also choose a stylish light installation where the walls are immersed in colored light, or where the heater is transformed into a light sculpture. A projector can display realistic-looking and also moving flame patterns. With all the joy from your illuminated star heavens and fireplaces, please always watch out for your security, because near the ground enough brightness should always be available to avoid tripping over steps, furniture or areas of water. For general lighting, you should provide a light intensity of at least 3000 Lux. Rain Sky E by Dornbracht Special shower experience: this light regulates the electronic control panel header and body spray. Fog nozzle. Color light and fragrances according to an individual choreography. It would be best to consult a lighting designer from the beginning. Both technology, as well as the selection and placement of lights should not be considered too late, since appropriate areas for recessed lighting or cable must be provided in walls and ceilings. Make your spa to a place that appeals to many of your senses at the same time. Enjoy the scents of essential oils, play relaxing music and enjoy the sensual warmth on your body. You will have the feeling to enjoy a spontaneous getaway.

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