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Rejuvenating your space with plug-in Lighting

Rejuvenating your space with plug-in Lighting

Want to add a new lighting fixture but there is no junction box nearby? No worries. Plug-in lighting is the answer to such problems. Whether you have to change the outlook of the room by adding an elegant lighting piece or prepare a room for a specific purpose like birthday, this lighting scheme would help you in multiple ways. This article will be discussing about how to refresh your space using plug-in lighting.

Preparing for an upcoming event

What would you do if you only have 3 days to transform your dark room in to a glistening space? You cannot possibly play with the wiring to install new lighting fixtures. Instead, you should turn toward plug-in pieces like Bishade TL-1 Table Lamp that could easily be attached with your bedside socket. The wire may be clipped cleanly with the wall or hid at the back of the bed. This type of lighting is incredibly useful for catering home events. Not only can they be connected effortlessly but they also augment the aesthetics of the room. Fixtures such as Bishade SL-1 Floor Lamp come in various designs and patterns and can be used to match the existing color scheme of your room or create a new look.

BISHADE silver, 1-light source Floor Lamp

Events like parties and birthdays require dazzling radiance for a limited time span. You can connect these pieces to deliver just the right intensity of light. Also, they can be moved comfortably to illuminate different parts of the room. Pieces like Emisfero Portable Floor Lamp can come in handy for social gatherings. Classy in nature, they provide a suitable styling line in between simplicity and extravagance. They integrate well with both an ordinary and slick interior.

Customize your room

It usually happens that an out of town friend comes to live with you for a month or you get shifted to another room in the house. These situations call for customization, and plug-in lighting can be a savior in this regard. They have multiple designs starting from the elementary ones and shifting to the ultimate sleek ones. You will have to place an extra bed for your friend.  For this, you might consider adding a fixture such as Adegan Outdoor Floor Lamp at the bedside to provide light for his reading and writing, it is also ideal for outdoor settings as well. The length of the extension wire can be altered according to the position of the bed. As for your new room, you might go for pieces like Tolomeo Micro wall sconce. They can help to utilize the space beautifully along with providing the room with a decorative touch.

ADEGAN anthracite, white, 1-light source Path light by SLV Lighting

Plug-in lighting also gives the liberty to allow light from different heights and angles which is important for creating a wholesome lighting scheme. Hanging pendants and chandeliers provide you with the general overhead ambient glow while floor and table lamps fill in for the startling task lighting. The cords of the hanging fixtures must be tacked with a reasonable color so they do not hamper the overall look of the room.

Stasks-specific lights

Obice Mini LED Outdoor Wall Light by Artemide

Plug-in lighting can also aid you in specific tasks. Be it the need of a focused light for carrying out research work at night or task lighting for the purpose of sewing; these fixtures are there at your disposal. Pieces like Obice Mini LED Outdoor Wall Light give a downward focused light which is ideal for writing and reading. A stylish floor lamp can be employed during sewing and shifted to the centre table of the room to have a board game with your friends. They also offer an added advantage of relocation. Simply unplug the fixture and shift it to the new place of use.

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