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Quick lighting tips on modern floor lamps

Quick lighting tips on modern floor lamps

Floor lamps are a welcome alternative when it comes to planning home lighting. They don't require any drilling or screwing you just place them, plug them in, switch them on, and you're done! Standing, table, or floor lamps are probably the easiest types of lighting to install in a house, requiring no annoying drilling and assembly, thus offering total flexibility. Modern floor lamps can be quickly changed or moved into a different room. When you're choosing and shopping for a floor lamp, it's important to think about where it will be placed, as well as the purpose for which it shall be used: the living room, the bedroom, or a child's nursery? Will the lamp be used for mood lighting, zone lighting for reading, or room lighting? It's also important to think ahead about what size and form of lamp you would like. Does the lamp match my furniture? What color would I like? What sort of light should the lamp give out?

Twilight floor lamp

Clean lines with lots of light at full control: The minimalistic lamp Twilight was built in Switzerland by Belux. Up light and main body is fully dimmable. Light Up Above Lovers of indirect lighting should give room lighting or floor lamps, which direct their light upwards, a go. These types of lighting, as well as uplighters, give out a comforting light in just about every room. The light should illuminate the ceiling as evenly and as widespread as possible.

Fil De Fer gold floor lamp

"Fil De Fer"  floor lamp" by Catellani and Smith fascinates by radiating a wonderful light pattern throughout the space. Light Down Below Standing lamps which only give out light downwards are designed for lighting a specific area of a room. These lamps can be used, for example, as reading lights and often come with a flexible arm and an adjustable body. Because these lights are usually used when sitting, it is more comfortable for the switch to be on the light itself and not on the power cable.

tolomeomega Out like a light: "Tolomeo Mega floor" (Our Bestseller in Floor lamps) by Artemide creates a pleasant mood while being functional and versatile. Light Up Above and Below Especially appreciated are standing lamps which give out light evenly both above and below, because these lights are designed to be used as zone lighting for reading, as well as mood-enhancing room lighting. A particularly beautiful way to set the mood using this lighting is by adding a transparent lampshade, which lets the light shimmer through the shade.

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Biplab Poddar - January 4, 2020

Amazing lighting used to decorate the demo rooms. AM in love with the way of Lighting arrangements shown here.

Greg McHolland - January 4, 2020

This are all great tips for modern houses. I will follow this tips. I hope I can achieve a beautiful lighting just like what you shared.Thanks for sharing this.

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