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Multiple applications of modern ceiling fans

Multiple applications of modern ceiling fans

It was only a decade back when fans' sole purpose was to circulate air around the room. They, however are being integrated with fast-paced technology advancements since these last 10 years and have appeared to serve multiple purposes.

Ceiling fans in their traditional realm

Before discussing the cutting-edge applications of fans, we will first script down details of their primitive function. Ceiling fans work by circulating air in the room through their blades. It keeps you normalized during hot and humid weather while you can also operate them at medium speed in winters to keep the mosquitoes away. Modern ceiling fans are equipped with automated controls so you can adjust the speed and ON/OFF times through a remote. Pieces like Propeller Ceiling Fan have an energy save mode which enables it to operate at low amperage after every fixed time periods which results in low electricity bill.

Then, there are ones which can be synced with iOS or Android Apps to be controlled from a distance. Either you are cooking food in the kitchen and want to turn off the fan of your bedroom or you are sitting in a blanket watching a movie and want to turn on the fan without getting up; fixtures such as Torsion Ceiling Fan can do it ever so effectively. Ultra modern ceiling fans are the need of the hour and hence you must not shy away from choosing these for your loved ones.

Use them as luminaries

It's been some time now since fans with light bulbs have found their way in the homes. Generally, 2700K-3500K LED bulbs are commonly being used depending on the temperature of illumination you desire. Low Kelvin ratings depict yellow color while higher ones give blue light. Fixtures such as Ball Flush Ceiling Fan can conveniently be placed in TV lounges to serve as a sophisticated supporter of ambient light or as nighttime illuminators. Their mild light will continue to work even if the fan is turned off. Usually modern ceiling fans with light are LED operated and that means they will consume less energy than general incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. So, if there is the need of a weak daytime light, you are better off with pieces like Solus Ceiling Fan that have a high wind speed factor owing to its 5-blade construction, give off yellow LED luminescence and have a sublime design. 

Contemporary fans as styling elements

Interior decoration, nowadays is executed through unique measures like decorative lighting fixtures and ceiling designs. Ceiling fans is another mean of doing it because they are shaped up pleasantly with almost every look ranging from transitional to Victorian and tropical. With pieces like Cirrus Flush DC Ceiling Fan, you wouldn't need too many of decoration pieces in a drawing room because it would be enough for the desired adornment, owing to its catchy Scandinavian design scheme and polished finish. Dedicated spaces within a room like a home office or a small breakfast table in the kitchen can be granted life through decorative ceiling fans.

Technological sensations

Their ability to cohere with HVAC systems make them one of the many technological sensations of this decade. Depending on the weather, it can heat up the room by pulling down the hot air accumulated near the ceiling. They can be synced with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to be controlled through a wireless remote while you can seamlessly activate the "Vacation" Mode which will turn the lights and fan On and Off at random times which will make it look like you are at home. In addition, adaptive learning algorithms can teach the fans to operate at prescribed settings and times.
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