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Modern Lighting Brands Guaranteed to Sweep You off Your Feet

Modern Lighting Brands Guaranteed to Sweep You off Your Feet

Modern Lighting Brands Guaranteed to Sweep You off Your Feet

Make your home stand out from the crowd with beautiful designer lighting from Interior Deluxe. Show visitors how stylish you are. They'll be green with envy at your pendant lights, suspension lamps and table lights.

Modern Pendant Lights

Pendant lights date back to Ancient Greece, when they put candles in clay pots suspended around their homes. The concept remains, but modern pendant lights have come a long way. Designers have created pendant lights in all shapes and sizes, with chains made of metal, pewter, crystal and glass. They can be incorporate into chandeliers, for the ultimate in domestic opulence. One of the most eye catching modern pendant lamps is the Ghost Suspension Lamp by Move light, designed by Mauro Bertoldini. It's not just a light, it's a work of art. The lighting effects created by this masterpiece simply take the breath away. Another fantastically stylish choice is the DNA Vertical Suspension Lamp by Movement. The lamp was designed by Luca Centofate. True to its name, this work of art resembles the DNA structure, the double helix that controls every living thing. Centofate has brought lighting to life with this incredibly moving lamp.

Table Lamps

Table lamps can add elegance and style to any room, without having to cost a fortune. There are so may styles and shapes of table lamp to choose from. You can easily find a lamp that fits in with your personal style, and your budget. Many contemporary table lamp designers prefer the minimalist look, but there's also the Art Deco style that will never go out of fashion. A table lamp that will look frankly beautiful in any room is the Aspen 2383-011 Table Lamp.

This table lamb was designed by Obj Studio for ALMA LIGHT. It's crafted from enameled ceramic and structured natural oak,combining the grandeur of nature with the artistic abilities of humanity. It's a must have lamp at a great value price. Designer table lamps are too good to be used as a bedside lamp. They can be placed strategically around your home. You deserve to live in a stylish home. Designer lamps can give your home a fashionable new feel.

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