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Michael Schluetter wins Prestigious German Design Award 2018

Michael Schluetter wins Prestigious German Design Award 2018

The German Design award is arguably the most widely acclaimed International Prize of German Design Council. Each year the award honors unique and idiosyncratic designs in multiple categories. Renowned designers all across the globe send their top-notch designs, and only a handful of ground-breaking designs are awarded the prestigious award. An essential condition for a design to win big at the German Design Award is to encapsulate and embody the true essence of modernism, whilst being a utility at the same time, these sort of designs are most sought after at the international design landscape. Since the time of its inception in 2012, the German Award has carved an impeccable identity of its own in the designer circles. The committee received an overwhelming 5000 entries from all corners of the globe from the most notable designers, and a stupendous 49% were marked as Excellent Product Design. The mammoth number of designs falling in Excellent category is representative of the competitive nature of the contest.


Michael Schluetter is the esteem recipient of prestigious German Design award, 2018, his off-beat design LoculaMENTUM Bookcas won in the Product Design category. The design itself is a quintessential amalgamation of contemporary craftsmanship and conventional design. The book shelf embodies the modern spirit, however at the same time it pays homage to the legendary old-school book cabinet. In a nutshell it a modern spin on an old classic. Michael Schlutter aims to introduce modernist European furniture in United States. For this he and his brand Schwarzmann, have been on the horizon for quite some time, but the acclaimed German Award has finally got brought into the limelight. Schwarzmann the brand co-founded by Schluetter has an underlying yet subtle authenticity to it, each design tells a different story and a lot of it has to do with the embryonic motto of the brand, which was more of a promise to the customers; never sacrifice durability for beauty. This is perhaps where Schwarzmann outshines its competitors. Numerous contemporary designs compromise on the durability aspect and it spoils the joy of the piece for the owner. Both founders, Michael Schluetter and Marlon Carias, therefore from the very beginning decided to opt this mantra of never to trade-off beauty for durability, and it has worked miraculously well for Schwarzmann. The brand has been on the forefront of modern designs and especially with their custom kitchen designs, about which the brand boosts to be best at.


Schwarzmann has a wide array of options on display for the customers and each piece comes with a drastically distinct and off the shelf design. The best part of Schwarzmann's designs is that they are customizable, hence the customers can unleash their creativity and mold the design according to their own taste and set of requirements. Every single project is important for the brand and hence no stone is left un-turned in this regard. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance here and a team of dedicated skillful workers is deployed on the site which takes care of all client's requirements. More information about their services and projects is available at For more information, visit

Kitchen Cabinets

Schluetter developed a fascination for kitchen cabinets in his father's kitchen studio. The use of innovation at Schwarzmann is exemplary and it is at its finest when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Kitchen is no less than an artist's workshop where every day a new masterpiece is created, hence kitchen should be an extension of the artist working there. Schwarzmann offers a wide range of designs in both contemporary and transitional outlook. If you are inclined towards modern look, you should have a peek at their state of the art handcrafted wooden islands. On the flip side if you are more into transitional stuff, then too you would have a vast number of available options. 

Customized Galley Sinks

Modern galley sinks are notoriously streamlined and compact; there is no room for movement, which restricts the movement and natural flow of the person. Henceforth, Schwarzmann offers customized Galley sinks which are ultra-modern in design and super-functional, so the person doesn't feel like cramped for space. These customized galley sinks, as Schluetter remarks are the modern-day workstations and this is exactly what the brand aims to achieve with these supremely functional and tailored kitchen galley sinks.


Schluetter regards bathroom as an individual oasis, and believes that the entire experience should be elevated to another level. For a highly personalized experience the brand takes the requirements of its clients into consideration, before coming up with the initial draft. Bathroom is one space of the house that should entirely be away from the hassle of the world and should give the person a chance to unwind and zone out. This is precisely the aim behind the bathrooms designed by Schwarzmann. The signature Spa Bathroom is their most sought after design, since it offers comfort, utility and glamour in appropriate quotients, hence it is an ideal option for people who wish elevate their bathroom experience and want to take it notch higher.

Award Winning Book Cabinet

LoculaMENTUM Bookcase won the prestigious award in the Product Design category owing to its futuristic look and conventional soul. This is a supremely unique piece in its own capacity and once placed in the living room or in the library it would surely impart a chic feel to the space. This piece is a true symbolization of modern and conventional blend, which has become a characteristic of all Schluetter's pieces. Arguably the standout feature of the cabinet are its deliberate angles, the meticulous combination has surely raised bars for the upcoming book cabinets. At core, it is a minimalistic design, yet it offers so much more. The primary issue of storage has also been addressed in this design. Use of contemporary materials is also a striking feature of this breathtakingly beautiful piece of art. Schluetter has surely outdone himself with this design and we wish him all the luck in the world for his future endeavors.

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