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Mastering the intricate art of shelve lighting

Mastering the intricate art of shelve lighting

Home owners, these days are pressurized to build living room shelves and bookcases in such a manner that they serve as storage space, alongside having an aesthetically appealing design elements. This modern trend has opened doors to an endless set of options that cover every style, ambiance and architecture.

A look at the shelving styles

The list is topped by built-in shelves. They can be matched with the walls of the living room or have a different color. Fixtures such as Daphine Parete Wall can be placed on the top shelf to provide luminescence. The down glow looks magical when the room is dark. Side by side style is an extension of the aforementioned. They are manufactured racks that stand with the wall, as opposed to, in the walls. Multiple pieces of art, decoration pieces or photo frames can be arranged on these shelves easily. The choice of the material of construction falls entirely upon you: wood, aluminum or plastic. You can stick the back side of these shelves with the walls and add pieces like Free 80 Parete Wall Lamp on all or alternate shelves for illumination. These fixtures are shielded from the naked eye which adds up to their chic.


Floating shelves, a new trend, is strongly taking hold of the modern living rooms. Stylishly carved and beautifully painted; this style of shelving needs a proper engineering solution to hold them in place for a long time. An elementary fastening with a bolt or nail can only be a temporary solution. You can have one side of these shelves and the T.V on the other side or two sets of shelves on each side of a central T.V. There are various combinations of materials and colors you can try. There are special floating shelf LED lights available in the market that would further augment the grace these shelves have granted to your living room. Pieces like O-Optikal Wall Sconce LP 6/278 B can be easily installed and have a long life.

Bookcases are important too

Books can be placed on the entertainment center of the living room but it doesn't harm to have a separate bookcase, especially when there are ideas to exploit unused spaces of the room. A room has four corners generally, and one can be saved for a vertical book rack with symmetric shelves running all the way down. On the dividing line of the corner, you can place fixtures such as Magic Parete Mod B Wall Sconce to not only light up the bookcase but also, to add a decorative touch.

Mostly, yellow light is preferred because it looks charming at night when the room is dark. A glass-fronted bookcase that presents an ancient tone can be another option but it must be matched with the overall aura of the living room. Doom-shaped mirror comes in front of the case and there can be pieces like Ocular Spotlight 2 Semi-Recessed Zoom to light the case up. If you have the space of a reading chair by one side, voila, you have prepared a wholesome reading corner. You may also opt for hidden bookcase doors that opens to another room but that depends on the construction of your house.

What to look for?


The major rule of thumb is that the room must not look clustered due to your shelves and bookcases. Living room is a place for guests therefore you want it to be felt open and clean. The chosen style must also adhere well with the rest of the interior so it is best to picture all the furniture at place before you construct the shelves. The lighting should be perfect. Whether you opt for classic pieces like Etch Web Brass Pendant Light or over-sized lighting fixtures, they must not cast glares or leave any spot unlighted.

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