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Magnify your small dining room with felicitous lighting pieces

Magnify your small dining room with felicitous lighting pieces

Large dining rooms are a dream for any household, because you can majestically adorn them with classy interior and dazzling lighting fixtures. But what to do if you have a small dining room? You can still manage to pull off a stunning ambiance if you apply a thoughtful scheme of lighting. With a bit of innovation, playing with angles and applying creative concepts, you can upgrade the elegance of your small dining room.

Selection of fixtures

Because of the limited space, you want fixtures such as Hanna Midcentury Pendant Light, as they are smaller in size but way too superior in illumination than larger pieces. The design and finish of the fixture can be decided according to the rest of the interior. Whether you go for a stunning hanging pendant or for contemporary pieces like Capella VMC32410 Modern Five Ring LED Chandelier, they must blend coherently with the rest of the room.


An over-sized, floor lamp can be an interesting choice. You can have it domed over your dining table, when feasting with your guests and move it to the lounge space after the dinner and make it your companion for the cheerful chatter. If you have low ceilings in the room, you can opt for wall sconces or lanterns. These pieces won't take excess space and can easily be attached with the walls along with providing ample amount of light. Pieces like Castore pendant light are miniature in size but give off a dazzling, creamy glow that originates a mesmerizing aura. Another option can be that of an over-sized wall lamp that is adjustable in orientation. It can be swayed around to light different parts of your room. These pieces are pricey but serve the purpose to the fullest.

Innovation saves the day

You have to manage the interior in a non-general way when you have a mini dining room. One method could be painting the walls of the room in white or skin color. White surfaces reflect the light and can create angles to propagate light throughout the room.

Neil Pendant Light by Delightfull

You can take aid of photo frames with glass covering as well. Not only will they decorate your room but help in dispersing the light all over the room. If you can mange crafty wall hangings fashioned out of mirror, it will be a further help. Even with medium sized pieces like Neil Pendant Light, you can thoroughly illuminate the room following this strategy.

Positioning: Much needed masterstroke

You do not want to cramp the small space with pieces like Capella VMC32410 Modern Five Ring LED Chandelier all over your ceilings because it would make your dining room replicate a sparkling jewellery store. You would want a calming, soft light in your dining room at the right place. A central fixture such as Sonora 490/oro suspension lamp in the middle of the dining table with a couple of wall sconces on each of the connecting wall is an easy combination of positioning but again, the nature of the fixtures would be critical.


You have to place the pieces at the spots that can disperse the light on a vast area. It may be a counter top, the ceiling or a side table depending on the built of your room. It is also a clever choice to have a book case on one wall of a small room and place under shelf lights to light a whole wall without consuming any space and taking the pressure off the primary lighting source. Track light is another master stroke that can be ingeniously applied in a small room to provide sleekness and illumination at the same time.

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