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Lighting up your own stairway to heaven

Lighting up your own stairway to heaven

Lighting up a stairway is not one of the prime concerns of homeowners but illuminating these spaces brings up a unique styling element in the house. It adds glamour to the house, can be a great decorative feature when your guests come and could also act as a source of night illumination. But how should a staircase be illuminated?

Some early considerations

If you are planning to go for staircase lighting, you have to plan it first. The fixing points have to be included in the planning phase of the house. There has to be a junction box for the staircase lights that is conveniently connected to the main supply. The second consideration is the type of lighting you will choose. If it is decorative, you could easily opt for fixtures such as Ariane WLZ 91 Wall Lamp on both sides of the steps to present a magical effect. If you opt for functional lighting, you have to be careful that it isn't outrageous. Wall sconces could do the job for you if you want to avoid the step lighting. Another option could be line light running through the entire length of the stairway. Pieces like Norma 25 Wall Light are subtle in nature, give a mild light and would bring style to the stair without being overly decorative.


A third consideration is to look for fixtures that are coherent with the material of the stairs. If the staircase is wooden, deck lights is a good option because they give a good amount of light with a wide beam angle. Wooden surfaces don't reflect light therefore you need fixtures that have an ample amount of brightness. If the staircase is glass, you can add LED strip lights. Not only would they be evident from the outside and look grand but would illuminate the stairway in a classy manner that will glorify the status of the house.

Utilize the steps

If you plan to light up the steps of the stairway, you would need the amount which is similar to that of the number of steps. It would require professional fitting and this is a costly method. Options in this regard could be rod lights, strip lights or puck lights. If the stairway has no risers, pieces like Glass wall sconce could do wonders. It would highlight the floating feature of the stairs and give a clean and elegant look to them. It could also serve to be a source of night illumination because it doesn't give too much light.

If the risers are present, you can add strip lights on one or both side of the staircase. It is better to place the strip on the opposite side of the grill because it can create an attractive styling element without overpowering the grill's decoration. Pieces like Glass G wall sconce are cheap options that can get the job done.

Give something to the walls as well

A second method is to use the walls. Recessed wall fixtures come in handy in this case. They come in all shapes, sizes, brightness, and styles. We recommend fixtures such as Ocular Spotlight 1 Semi-Recessed Series 100 Round because they are not very big, contain a very thin casing so that it can go with any wall color and are LED in nature.

You can also add wall lanterns or sconces at regular intervals through the length of the staircase. Don't buy large fixtures because there is a risk of overdoing things. Purchase pieces like High Line Wall Sconce because they carry a simple, classic design and are just the right size. Place the fixtures at a height which is not accessible to small kids.

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