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Lighting tips when throwing a party

Lighting tips when throwing a party

One of the most important aspects of throwing a party is having appropriate lighting. Lighting that is too bright can be unflattering, intrusive and downright annoying to guests. However, using fixtures that cast a warm, inviting and friendly glow upon those in attendance can help ensure a party goes on for hours.

Here are some tips for incorporating different types of lighting style that will keep fellow party-goers raving to others for months to come about the soiree you threw. If you decide to throw a theme party, add some color to the room by replacing the original light bulbs in lamps and hanging lights with colored light bulbs. For example, orange and even black lights will create a spooky atmosphere while pink and pastel blue bulbs are perfect for a spring baby shower. If your home has bright lights that are too intense for your gathering, drape a chiffon style sheet over the fixtures. Doing so will lessen the brilliance of the light and help create a much softer mood for you and your guests.

Decorate the main party room by stringing LED light strands from one end of the room to the other. LED lighting is known for its ability to stay illuminated for 100,000 hours. Stringing lights will add some subtle, but fairly bright color to your room and take away attention from lights that are too bright for the occasion. Finally, if you are throwing a party at night, consider lighting both sides of your driveway or walkway using small brown paper lunch bags and battery operated tea lights. (Make sure not to use regular candle lit tea lights or they will light your bag on fire!) Cut or punch out holes in the bags and place the tea lights inside. Your guests will feel like they are making a grand entrance before getting to your front door!

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