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Lighting the kitchen for old eyes

Lighting the kitchen for old eyes

Aging eyes are a liability in kitchen, but what one could do about this. We despite our best intentions cannot reverse the aging process, and hence we have to make peace with our aging eyes. However what we can do is that modify our kitchen accordingly, so that our aging eyes can still function the way they used to. So if you are one of those people who are worried that their eyesight would affect their performance in the kitchen, well you don't need to worry as with little tweaks you would have ample light in your own kitchen as well.

Natural Light to the rescue

Sunlight remains the primary source of light and during day you must try to utilize this natural blessing. Designing your kitchen with a motive to let maximum sunlight in could potentially garner great results for you. Henceforth if you are struggling with aging eyes and want ample light in your kitchen, the first step should be to utilize sunlight. For that you might have to make few modifications to your kitchen, but be rest assured that the final results would surpass your expectations as there is no alternative to natural light. Kitchen lighting is not all about stuffing your ceiling and walls with fixtures, instead a window placed at the right spot could potentially give same amount of light equal to ten fixtures.

Bright Ceiling

Your kitchen ceiling remains the most integral section of your kitchen, when it comes to lighting. A bright and well-illuminated ceiling means that you would have good illumination for your kitchen. Pieces like Dokka Pendant light are great for ceiling, since they are easy to install and offer bright illumination. Hence if you want a bright kitchen, you must start with ceiling. Recessed fixtures like New Tria LED Mini RD Recessed ceiling Lamp are ideal for kitchen lighting as they are energy efficient and also offer great lighting.

Matte Lighting is also an option

Chances are that you are hearing about this one for the first time, as it is not usually talked about. However matte lighting is great where glare from lighting source is causing problems. Since we're talking about aging eyes over here, hence nothing is more dangerous for aging eyes than the flares from the lighting source. Matte lighting fixtures such as Caravaggio Matte Black Pendant Light come with frosted finish and this is why nullify the glares coming from the lighting source. So if glaring and light flares bug you off, you now have the option of matte lighting.

No alternative of task lighting

Kitchen is no less than a workstation for someone who is working there, so is important that you have ample light for the tasks you need to perform in kitchen. Task lighting is deployed all across the house, but in kitchen the importance of task lighting multiplies by many folds. So in case you want to dice and slice onions on a counter top, you would need task lighting. Moreover you would also require fixtures like Capella VMC32410 Modern Five Ring LED Chandelier and Tania VMC31640 Modern Circular LED Chandelier to aid you while you cook food. In addition to all these, you also need under cabinet lighting in kitchen. For under cabinet lighting you should go for fixtures like Sitra Wall Luminaire as they are super viable for kitchen and aging eyes.

Aging eyes are not a hindrance for you in kitchen, especially if you deploy right lighting fixtures. Remember that at the end of the day, it all boils down to your requirements and your space, so do take them into consideration before finalizing your decision.

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