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Lighting the entertainment center is easier than you think

Lighting the entertainment center is easier than you think

TV lounges are the biggest rooms of the house and a place where you sit with your loved ones and chant happily, organize baby showers and birthday parties and plan a movie night on the big plasma screen. The concept of entertainment centers prevailed popularly in the 20th century and has reappeared with smaller shelves, few cabinets and integration of mirror and plywood elements in recent times. Lighting them requires proper planning and we would discuss some ways of doing that.

Puck lights as the general approach

Placing puck lights under the shelves is probably the most standard method of lighting the entertainment centers. Holes are drilled in the shelves and puck mounts placed conveniently in to them. Pieces like Puck 5491 Art Wall Light are great options as they are LED powered so consume less energy. This type of lights is most effective for full-fledged entertainment center with shelves on both sides. It can illuminate the unit gracefully during your monthly movie nights.

Some give a white glow but modern home owners prefers yellow light because it looks more charming, produce a mild effect and give beautiful reflections if there are any mirror elements in the unit. You have to connect them with wires and then join them to the junction box which requires the assistance of a professional electrician. Fixtures such as Puck double wall/ceiling light are battery powered and save you from this effort but you have to change the battery/cells after every specific period of time. The housings of some puck lights are thick and appear out of the wooden shelves which look weird so people turn towards LED light bars. 

LED light bars for a professional look

They are primarily utilized in kitchens for under cabinet lighting but can be implemented in entertainment centers with great effect too. They look cleaner and don't need holes to be drilled in the wooden surface rather their frames are nailed with the shelves. Pieces like Sq Bar 32-Inch LED Bath Bar come in different colored housings and are a cost-effective solution.

They can be placed horizontally or vertically according to the design of the unit and are available with dimmable and battery-operated options as well. We recommend the use of very lean fixtures such as Stiletto 24-Inch LED Bath Bar because they are practically invisible to the naked eye. They signify your decoration pieces placed on the shelves and give a soothing, theater-like luminescence while you enjoy your favorite movie on the TV.

Motion sensing lights inside the compartments

Along with shelves, there are separate compartments in the entertainment center that are supported by hinges. These are meant for storing books, sports gadgets, medicines and other everyday items. You might need these at night but wouldn't want to wake up someone sleeping in the connecting bedroom by turning on the lounge's light. What you can do is place rechargeable pieces like Silva Wall Sconce inside these compartments. These sense your motion and turn on so you can locate anything inside without turning on the light of the room. They come in different types. Some are nailed to the inside of the compartments while other pieces have a sticking surface which supports the fixture and allow easy detachment for charging.


These fixtures would not cost much but would add variety to your unit's lighting scheme along with the provision of a limited range of required illumination. It is a good practice to work out the positions for the attachment of lighting fixtures in entertainment center before you give the design to the carpenter.

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