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Lighting made by - Pure nature!

Lighting made by - Pure nature!

Lights made from wood The terms "sustainability" and "efficiency" are currently on everyone's lips, and greater environmental sensitivity can be observed. So what could be better for lighting designers than to work with the natural raw material wood? Spruce, fir, walnut, pine... the list of domestic and exotic woods is quite long. And each piece of wood is a unique fingerprint of nature. And it is precisely for this reason that it never comes out of fashion - because wood lives! The exciting thing about wood is that the end product is always a unique piece. Apart from the industry's efforts to manufacture some timber products in exactly the same way and therefore make them claim-free, wood remains a raw material with its very own character. Neither surfaces nor colors are the same and grain and structure are different in each piece. Wood lamps by Tom Rossau TomRossau
The Danish designer Tom Rossau has manufactured lamps from wood veneer since 2004. His lights are being created lovingly by hand. Even when creating artificial surfaces with wood decors manufacturers try to design the wood structure as real as possible, i.e. as unevenly as possible. But not only the many available possibilities with regards to woodworking let designers experiment with wood and use it for the construction of light fixtures. The special feature of wood lamps is their incredibly warm light. If wood veneer is being used to create translucent lamp shades, this results in wonderful plays of light and shadow. The raw material of the Stone Age and modern times Why the Stone Age isn't called "Wood Age" remains uncertain, because actually a lot more things were made out of wood than stone at that time. Perhaps it was considered simply "normal" to use a fallen branch as a spear. Maybe the use of stones caused a decisive step forward, so that this period was named after them. Still, wood has had a very vital meaning for the development of the modern era. From a match to a complete house, almost everything can be made from wood. And even if it should end its life cycle as fuel, the basic property does not get lost: wood creates a feeling of warmth and naturalness. Teardrop Lamp by Massow This is a fascinating symbiosis of the classic bulb shape with a natural wood look. The craftsmanship, how to conjure a complete chest of drawers from a simple tree, is currently experiencing an unprecedented bloom. Such unique items are looked at with astonishing eyes, are being appreciated and are still a purchase for life for many people. People longing for stability and durability will enjoy design pieces made out of wood over the long term. From torch to LED light Going back to the beginnings of lighting we can see that wood had a decisive role: the torch is one of the oldest forms of light. Even if open fire may arouse romantic feelings, it is an advantage that we don't have to rely on messy oil anymore, but have electric light instead. However, the wand of light still plays an important role. The light fixture series "Athene" by the Cologne factory less'n'more seems to have borrowed the design from the form of medieval flares. This lamp is reminiscent of the shape of a torch. Modern LED technology is used as an exciting contrast in the torch light. The "Hayashi" wood lamp by Radius Design is quite new on the market. The pendant consists of up to 600 chopsticks and doesn't only impress over the dining table. With its Japanese elegance the chopstick light offers a wide variety of uses.
Hayashi by Radius 
This pendant light fixture made from chopsticks is available in a round version as well as an elongated version. This pendant light fixture made from chopsticks is available in a round version as well as an elongated version.

Turning, grinding, filing

Not only traditional forms are possible with the use of wood. The light series "Spotty" by the British manufacturer Obe & Co., which form is similar to an open coconut is handmade of solid wood.

The designer David Trubridge from New Zealand pursues a similar philosophy. He lets us take part of his experiences and encounters with nature through his design studies. He even goes so far to pack his pine wood lights as a kit. Thus, the buyer is forced to deal with the product itself. He sees the growing shape and is himself part of the construction. An innovative way to introduce his ideas and concepts. Possible uses of wood lamps Wood lights offer interior designers an unexpected abundance of possibilities. A real eye-catcher in a room can be a large-format pendant light fixtures made from veneer in a modern concrete loft. Solid wood table lamps can be placed as contrast to a white high gloss lacquered sideboard. And a lounge chair made out of black leather with a chrome frame can be wonderfully accentuated and discreetly placed in the foreground with the warm light of a bamboo lamp. Wood lamps allow you to set unique accents in a room. They don't necessarily dominate the space, but they provide interesting contrasts in color and design. And perhaps the most important: they create a lovely warm well-feel light.
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