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Lighting Ideas for Your Modern Kitchen Remodel

Lighting Ideas for Your Modern Kitchen Remodel

modern kitchen lighting example

When designing a modern kitchen, one of the most important aspects is lighting. The right lighting solution can do so much for your kitchen; from helping you see, to adding design elements and creating a mood. When thinking about ways to light a kitchen with a modern design, you need to first decide what type of light fixtures you want to use and where you'll place them. Kitchens need to be brightly lit in order to accommodate the work that is going on, so whatever light you choose needs to be bright enough to work with while not sacrificing the theme and mood of the room. Most often it's best to have a mix of ceiling and task lights; ceiling lights to light the kitchen in general and task lighting over a specific area, such as an island or counter where much of the food prep takes place. This allows you to have localized lighting when you need it. Keep in mind, when considering modern kitchen lighting options functionality comes before design.

Light Placement If you spend a lot of time at a kitchen counter preparing meals, you should include bright task lighting overhead. If your counter is open from above this would be an area to use recessed lights or contemporary pendant lights. On the other hand if there are cabinets overhead, you should consider under cabinet lighting.

Under cabinet lighting also adds nice accent lighting to your counters and blacksplash. If you are constantly walking around the kitchen, doing several tasks at once, perhaps it is best to make sure the entire kitchen is brightly lit and add task lighting to the places you find yourself going to most often.

A kitchen island is a perfect feature to create your design style. Suspension lights, several pendant lights, recessed lighting and under counter lighting all create spectacular design highlights in addition to functionality. Accent lighting isn't always needed but sometimes it can draw everything together to create the perfect mood.

lighting kitchen island with suspension lights

Modern kitchen lighting design is about not going overboard with flair or crazy patterns. It is characterized by solid, bold colors, a limited color palette, and large shapes.

Modern kitchens usually have a single theme, and everything from the flooring to the appliances play into that theme. Lighting has to play into that theme as well, and enhance it, not limit it. One last thing to consider is the ease at which you can get to the light fixture and change the bulbs if needed. For ceiling lights that are harder to access, it may be best to invest in CFL or LED bulbs that last longer with the added benefit of saving you money on your energy bill.

lighting a kitchen island pendant lights over kitchen table
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