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Lighting fixtures combinations for a contemporary living room

Lighting fixtures combinations for a contemporary living room

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I need your honest answer on this, please; are you of those types that feel totally overwhelmed when it comes to mixing and matching accessories? Like, do you prefer the comfort of already matched sets of furniture and accessories. Oh, I know this feeling! Actually, I was all the way there before I fell down the rabbit hole of design. So, here's my take. Fret not, my dears, for combining decor accents in your home is actually a whole lot simpler than it sounds. To see things through, we are narrowing down our talk to lighting and, specifically, picking the right pieces for a contemporary living room. Choices are numerous and, for a lighting to be working properly, you have to have at least 2 or 3 different sources depending on the size of the room. Preferably, these sources would vary in strength, type and placement for a more coherent and cozy result. As a main rule, there has to be some lighting coming from above (ceiling lighting, like recessed lighting, track lighting, pendants or chandeliers) and eye or just below eye level lighting (wall sconces, table or floor lamps).

Today's post focuses on combining a floor lamp with a pendant in 5 different options. The rules applied in each case can be extended to cover other types of fixtures as well, as long as the basic principles are met.   

1. The scandinavian combo Light wood and white add a smooth and cozy simplicity that match a room of whites, grays and natural hues. Aspen 3383-011 Floor Lamp

2. The geometric combo Angular and a bit strict with masculine characteristics. Slim details and flat surfaces in monochromatic finishes. Top Pendant Light

3.The futuristic combo Feels like coming straight from a sci-fi movie this combination will add character and an exquisite modern vibe in your living room. Arc Floor Lamp | Panto Pendant Light

4.The organic combo Curvaceous forms and repetitive details add an organic easiness and fluidity for a sophisticated result. Matrix Floor Lamp

5.The neo-retro combo Mid-century forms got a fresher look, smoother lines and a shinier finish. The ideal choice if you like a 50ies look but don't want to go all retro. Bel Air Large Floor Lamp | Olivia Pendant Lamp  

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