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Lighting Basics: The secret to good lighting

Lighting Basics: The secret to good lighting

In order to fully understand the secret to good lighting, we must first realize that light in essence, is a tool. For thousands of years, we have used light from the sun to help us to hunt, to work, to light our homes and to keep us safe. In this article we will discuss how the evolution of light can help us with our everyday living.

There are three basic types of lighting that are essential in lighting up our environment, these are Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting and Accent Lighting. We've found that the secret to good lighting is to achieve the perfect combination to these types of light.

Ambient Lighting is the oldest and most familiar of the three types of lighting. Also known as general lighting, Ambient Lighting provides us with an overall illumination. This kind of light is important because it allows us to see and walkabout safely. This is usually achieved with Chandeliers, Ceiling lights, wall mounted fixtures and a variety of track lights. A number of outdoor lighting options such as outdoor wall lights or path lighting are good for outside of the home. A central source of general or ambient lighting is the basis for a good lighting plan.

Task Lighting is very important because this is the type of light that allows us to work closely, cook, read, play games or work on hobbies with out straining our eyesight. Proper task lighting should be free from glare or shadows. This is usually achieved with Floor Lamps or Table Lamps that can be used in your desired work space. Pendant lamps are great for lighting tables. In the kitchen we can used recessed lights under the cabinets to help us out in the kitchen. Task lighting is essential for working closely and safely in our environment.

Accent Lighting is the third type of lighting that works in conjunction with Ambient and Task lighting. This kind of lighting is the secret to creating moods and atmosphere in your home or business. A favorite for interior designers, accent lighting can be used to highlight statues, picture frames, signs and other household items that you wish to attract attention to. It can also be used to highlight the texture on a brick wall, as well as outdoor landscaping. Accent lighting is available in many forms including track lighting, wall lighting or even outdoor lighting. Now that you have learned about using the three basic types of lighting, you have unraveled the secret to great illumination.

Ask any seasoned interior designer and they will tell you, the secret to superior lighting is to achieve a perfect combination of Ambient, Task and Accent Lighting. We hope that this article will help you better understand the fundamentals of good lighting and we are here to help you realize your vision for your home or business.

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