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Light on all paths

Light on all paths

At the house entrance, in hallways and stairways, good lighting is indispensable. It increases the security and is a companion throughout the entire house. In addition, it can give your guests a first positive impression.   Dione
The Dione light is available in a limited special edition in hand-polished copper. In the entrance of a house or an apartment one already decides whether one will be comfortable in this house, because the hallway is the business card of the apartment. And this does not only apply to your guests, but primarily to yourself. After all, it is you who uses the entrance every day. A prerequisite for a positive entrance is - especially in the case of hallways without windows - a bright and friendly lighting. Nobody would like to stand at the entrance of an apartment in the half-dark. Therefore, ensure pleasant basic brightness, which can be combined with effective lighting. A long hallway can create a welcoming atmosphere through illuminated furniture or pictures. With a light rail you can create flexibility with regards to the lighting requirements and the ceiling outlet of the electrical connection. This allows you to refocus the lamps at any time and even combine a room light with a single system. Highlighting of sideboards or chests of drawers can create a playful mood.   Tile light by Fabbian
The modular elements of Fabbian's tile luminaire are a wonderful addition to the stairwell. If necessary, take advantage of the effects that light can have on the room as well: narrow or low hallways can be optically widened by the illumination of walls or ceilings. Wall or ceiling floodlights that radiate to the side or upwards are best suited for this purpose. Using indirect lighting also avoids glare. A large mirror can optically enlarge your hallway as well. In any case, it is also decorative and practical, since you can take a closer look at your wardrobe before leaving the house. Ambient light in the hallway Apart from the security aspect, the lighting of the hallway, depending on the area layout of your apartment and the conditions that it provides, is the answer to the question of what mood you want to create in your hallway. Should it be a pure traffic area or is the hallway part of the living area? If you would like to illuminate your hallway like the rest of the house, the same criteria apply as for the living room. In addition to the basic lighting and the area light, you can also use multiple accent lights. Vibia Vibia conjures magical lighting plays on walls. Those can be either beautiful lighting objects, chandeliers or table lamps, as well as wall or floor lamps, which create an interesting light and shadow pattern on walls and ceiling. You should also pay attention that in the case of narrower areas, since floor lights might tip over and surrounding cables can become a tripping hazard. Light for orientation Especially in the staircase area you should not lose sight of the safety aspect, because, unfortunately, there are always accidents, especially on staircases. The reason for this is usually darkness or incorrectly positioned luminaires. If steps are shaded or have a glare, then there is need for action: above all, the steps should be visible. Lamps on the upper staircase or step lights, which illuminate each stage individually, are very practical. In addition, good general lighting helps to illuminate the stair area evenly. LED wall lights above the steps can be left on at night due to the low power consumption. That way children and guests always find their way around. The switches for floor and stair lighting should be available in all relevant places, so that you and your guests do not have to move in the dark.
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