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Light in the mirror

Light in the mirror

Not only vain people fret when the light level in front of the mirror is too dark or renders colors in an unattractive way. The right light in front of the mirror helps us to get a good start in the day. Stylish light strips adorn the mirror. The lighting is pleasant and not blinding, perfect for the morning. A look in the mirror says it all... A typical morning, as one knows and loves it: the alarm goes off, you turn briefly around again, but then the drill is: to get up. The walk to the bathroom is tedious, where you start with your daily rituals: taking a shower, brushing your teeth, putting on make-up or shaving are on the program. With tired, small eyes and uncombed hair, you enter the bathroom and turn on the light. Then you stand in front of the mirror: you might not like what you see right off the bat, but this can also be contributed to inappropriate mirror lighting, because that can be a real "beauty killer". For a good start in the day the right light in the bathroom and especially around the mirror is essential. Here are some rules to be considered: Two identical lights left and right of the mirror you should ensure a good, uniform, shadow-free illumination of parts of your face. If the mirror is very large, it is also advisable to install an additional light at the top of the mirror. A light strip around the mirror is ideal. You are most likely familiar with the mirrors in dressing rooms of theater artists and ballet dancer, which are lined with light bulbs. Many lighting and bathroom manufacturers offer mirrors with built-in light strips. Light without shadows   Small makeup mirrors with built-in light are useful as well. They are suitable for "details" such as shaving and eyebrow plucking. Illuminated mirror cabinets, that not only illuminate the mirror surface, but also the sink and the cabinets, are very practical as well. In any case, you should avoid glare, because it unnecessarily tires the eyes. Therefore, spotlights are not the best choice.   Ketho by Duravit

A bathroom furniture that creates a good feeling. The integrated mirror lighting ensures pleasant, glare-free light. Light behind the mirror Soft, indirect lighting behind the mirror is especially pleasing to the eye. This can let the mirror "float" and can light up in different colors. Indirect lighting should only be chosen in combination with the actual mirror lighting. The same applies to colored light, which only supports the ambiance and does not take over the actual function of mirror lighting.   However, colored light can strongly influence body and spirit. Therefore, cold, bluish light is better suited in the morning, because it signals your body hormones that it is daytime. In the evening, however, warm, reddish yellow light is preferable, which calms the body. At that time the sleep hormone melatonin is released, which makes you tired. But another crucial point is still missing: the so-called color reproduction. This value indicates how naturally a light source reflects colors. Therefore, the color rendering index RA should be at least 80. A RA value from 90 to 100 is ideal, which can be reached with halogen lamps. Depending on the set-up of the bathroom, you might need more or less intense lights, since dark tiles or dark bathroom furniture will absorb more light than light tiles/furniture. It is also irrelevant where your mirror is placed; whether in the hallway or in the bedroom, the same lighting rules always apply. Mounted luminaires or integrated light in wardrobe mirrors tend to be very useful as well. If those are missing, the light situation should be supported by the actual room light. Multibox by Duravit   Vertical lights left and right of the mirror provide light. Operation via touch-LED with night light function. Tip Diffused light Advertising photographers like to use diffused light, because it hides the unevenness of skin. Whether this is desired with regards to the lighting of the bathroom mirror or not is up to you.

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