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Learn more about proper bathroom lighting

Learn more about proper bathroom lighting

A bathroom is that room in the house where you prep yourself up in front of the mirror or relax yourself by having a hot water bath. For dressing up, you need an adequate amount of light and for the shower, a dim glow will be better. Moreover, a bathroom is the most humid area in your house and you need lighting structures that are resistant to water. How do you achieve all these purposes? By selecting the right lighting products. A huge variety of lighting products are available in the market, and you must select the best of these if you want the right amount of light in your bathroom.
  • Decide your budget, and then figure out where you want to place lighting fixtures. You will probably need one on the ceiling and near the mirror. As for the costs, you can get quality lighting products under $50, but if want some fancy fixtures, you may have to spend up to $250.
  • If you have task lighting in your bathroom, you will be able to see yourself in the best possible light. Scones will create this light in your bathroom if you install them at eye level on both sides of your bathroom mirror. This will create a shadow less illumination, which is perfect for makeup and shaving.
  • Integrate a dimmer with your lighting products. This will allow you to control the radiance and you can brighten up or dim the light as per your needs.
  • For bathrooms that are decorated in an artistic manner, recessed directional lights are the best choice. These will illuminate each of your decoration and make your bathroom look really attractive.
  • If your bathroom is huge, you should install at least two or three structures on the ceiling so that there is always enough light available for all your needs.
  • Candles are a great decorative piece. Have them in your bathroom and they will set a romantic sparkle and the right mood for spending some time with your partner. Just be sure to keep them away from flammable items like towels and so on.
  • Install large mirrors in your bathroom, this will not only make it look bigger, but will reflect all light properly and create a nice glowing effect.
  • Try to install white bulbs or frosted glass bulbs rather than the clear ones. This will help you in avoiding glares.
  • Whichever lighting products you choose, they should complement the rest of the design in your bathroom.
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