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Landscape lighting for Outdoor remodeling

Landscape lighting for Outdoor remodeling

Strolling through my neighborhood each evening I am always amazed at how small tweaks in landscape lighting can transform an ordinary landscape to an exquisite one. Landscape lighting is all about playing around with fixtures and landscape, so you don't need to do much, you simply need to try out different things and go for the one which in your opinion suits your landscape. Here are a few suggestions that might come in handy for your landscape.

Path Lighting is crucial

Outdoor path lighting is crucial, since this is the place where your guests and friends would enter your house, in many scenarios this serves as the first impression of your house. People usually spend lot of money and energy on outdoor landscape lighting, but forget about path. You should not make such mistakes and should focus on path lighting. Adding a design element to your path would surely enhance the overall beauty of the space, fixtures such as Cubix 1 Flood/Object Light and Nautilus Spike XL Portable Outdoor Luminaire are small in size but they offer bright illumination. Moreover lighting up your path would also ensure security of your place. Therefore neglecting path lighting is not an option. screenshot_2645

Use trees and foliage to your advantage

Natural objects such as trees and shrubs could be utilized for lighting your outdoor landscape. Complement your trees by flood lighting, though fixtures such as Nautilus Par38 Stainless Steel Portable Outdoor Luminaire and Nautilus LED 304S Portable Outdoor Luminaire, they would aid you in creating a magical ambiance for your landscape. Flood lighting would help you cast a reflection of a tree on your main building which would amplify the size of your place, making it look grander than the actual size. Moreover for upward projection lights under trees, you could deploy pieces that are small pieces but are made to withstand the harsh outdoor temperatures and climate.

Sconces are a must-have

Anywhere you go these days, one particular component that would catch your attention immediately is the sconce. They could literally be deployed anywhere and this utility and diversity is what makes them a favorite amongst designers and experts. People have been playing around with sconces for quite some time now, however it was only recently that their full potential could be utilized in lighting layout.

Pieces like AWL.03 Wall Sconce and Sana Outdoor Wall Sconce are great for outdoor lighting, they offer the illumination that is required from an outdoor lighting object, moreover their contemporary style also makes them standout from the crowd. People love the sconces that offer both upward and downward lighting, they are considered as modern must haves and could be deployed simply on walls anywhere.

Trending bollards

Usually reserved for public spaces bollard lighting could however be deployed to a residential landscape if the space is expansive. If you happen to have an open space in front of your house, then bollard lighting could be used to catapult the overall ambiance of your place, while adding oomph to it at the same time. Bollards such as Turbo Outdoor Bollard Light and Zur 30 Outdoor Bollard Landscape Light, might come across as a bit contemporary pieces, but at the same time they do preserve the sanctity of the old school bollards. Hence if you deploying them would offer a nice blend of both contemporary and traditional era.
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Levi Armstrong - July 20, 2020

I love that you said that bollard lights would be great for residential houses with a huge outdoor space because it can improve the overall ambiance of the place. My husband and I are having our dream home constructed in a private suburban community. Since we have a large backyard area complete with a patio and swimming pool, perhaps installing bollard lights would make an exceptional addition to our expansive outdoor space. Thanks for the idea!

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