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Illuminate your hallways with modern ceiling lights

Illuminate your hallways with modern ceiling lights

Modern ceiling lights are a wonderful way to illuminate cramped areas and hallways without taking up too much space. In hallways, the right ceiling light can help keep an atmosphere consistent as you travel room to room, or transition moods between interconnected spaces. Depending on your style, a myriad of fashions are available to help light up the passageways that unite the different activities going on in your home. Many factors come into play when choosing what designs will work best in your hallway and contribute to your home's overall look.

What kind of flooring do you have in your hallways? Hardwood or glossy flooring will reflect beams from the ceiling lamp, so take this into consideration when choosing a fixture. Softer, warmer lighting will go better with glossy finishes since they don't produce harsh reflections. The color palette used in your hallways will also affect what kind of fixture you should employ. Softer colors used on walls or in carpeting will obviously reflect the light more than darker hues, so make sure you illuminate accordingly to prevent your hallways from being either too dark to navigate or blindingly bright.

For a long passageway that connects multiple rooms, a series of modern ceiling lights could be used to create a dramatic tunnel effect. In smaller hallways, a centerpiece ceiling lamp will give the space an added grandeur when it may have otherwise been overlooked. Though hallways are not the grand gathering spaces or sleeping quarters where people spend most of their time in houses, they lead you to these spaces and contribute to your homes overall aesthetic. Make the journey from room to room a pleasant one by not undervaluing the importance of lighting.

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