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How The Wrong Home Lighting Fixtures Can Ruin A Room

How The Wrong Home Lighting Fixtures Can Ruin A Room

Is there anything more exciting than moving into a new home or apartment? A new place to live offers the chance to change up our style and redecorate. While it's fun to build a look around a new contemporary sofa or that fabulous mid century modern sideboard, don't overlook the role lighting plays. No matter how well put together a design scheme is, the wrong home lighting fixtures can ruin a room and make it feel less than welcoming. Carefully selected lighting fixtures, on the other hand, will make a room sing.
modern family room lighting
A single light hanging in a garage may be sufficient for parking our car, but a single light in a living room will not provide enough light for the various activities that happen there. The living room is the social center of a home, we gather to watch television, visit with friends, sit quietly to read and play games. It should feel welcoming with soothing lines and textures, the colors we love and comfortable furniture for relaxing in. All of these elements, no matter how well executed, won't have the welcoming effect without the proper lighting fixtures. Lighting is always part of the design plan and needs coordinate stylistically with the rest of the space.
modern living room lighting
Modern Living Room Lighting by Erika Bierman Photography on Begin with selecting your ambient, or general lighting. The fixture chosen, will not only serve a function, but can also provide a bit of art to the room.
Contemporary chandeliers are increasingly popular as focal points in a living room or family room. The selection of luxury lighting available today is broad and offers something for every taste and style, from fancy and dripping with crystals to sleek with a chrome finish there is sure to be one that will fit in well with the scheme. The illumination of a chandelier will bring light to the room, so that we can safely see our way around and visit comfortably with friends. It will allow us to see the beautiful handiwork in a hand woven rug or see the animal print used on that accent chair.
living room with floor lamp
Living Room with Floor Lamp by Amy Lau Design on Ambient lighting is just the first layer. The next step is to select table lamps and floor lamps for task lighting. Setting a floor lamp in a corner by a cozy comfy chair will illuminate the corner and invites us to curl up with a great book or sit a spell to chat with a friend. If the chairs or tables are ornate, select lamps with similar characteristics. If modern and sleek is the theme, select chrome finishes and angular shapes, popular in modern lighting fixtures. Maintain a cohesive look by keeping the style and finishes in the same family as the contemporary chandelier or modern ceiling light choices. Contemporary Family Room Lighting by Jeffrey King Interiors on Last, accent lighting will bring in another layer that will enhance the overall look of a room.
By installing recessed lights, modern pendant lights, or wall light fixtures, we are able to highlight the intricate details of an antique quilt, or bring to life the Picasso print rescued from a flea market. Accent lighting draws attention to the treasured items in a room. It brings them forward, rather than allow them to recede into the shadows. A well lit room will show off mad design skills and create a fun, inviting place to relax and entertain. 
Remember, it's not just about the amount of light in a room, but the style of the fixtures too.
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