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How to decorate bathroom with LED lighting fixtures

How to decorate bathroom with LED lighting fixtures

Bathrooms have become a popular option for lighting nowadays. As many homeowners prefer to have room cupboards inside the bathroom, their size increases and with it the requirements of lighting. The LED fixtures find many applications in the bathrooms.

Vanity mirror lighting

The vanities provide grace and chic to the bathrooms. Many vanities come with mirror lights but those that don't, fixtures such as Stix Plus 48" LED Bath Bar can be placed. They are available in different mounts that can hold the light in different angles above the mirror. If you wish to be a little more stylish and high on luminescence, grouped fixtures with 3 or 5 LED lights can be placed above the mirror.

Pieces like Reglette wall lamp 73677 can be very charming to the eye and can impart a royal feel to ordinary mirror or vanity. They come in contemporary designs and various shades and can be chosen according to the color of the tiles or vanity. A third option can be wall sconces or wall lamps on each side of the mirror but this option should only be employed if the mirror is rectangular. LED pieces like Mirror lamp 3685 would not only gracefully light the mirror area but add chic to the overall bathroom interior. The wall sconces to be placed here must be at least 1/5th the height of the mirror. Anything shorter and the idea of propagating style get backfired.

Illuminating the shower area or bathtub

These areas have to be mildly lit yet should be prominent. You can employ the option of track or line lighting along the ceiling of this specific portion or on the walls. It depends on the provided electric connections. Fixtures such as Veroca ceiling lamp - rectangular that offer calming white light could light up the ambiance of the bathroom along with not being highly dazzling. It can even be left turned on at night to serve as illumination when you feel the need to go to washroom at night and are too flimsy to turn on the switch. The second option can be LED rod lights. These are used for wardrobe mirrors primarily but can be employed here with great effect. They are slim fixtures that don't provide a scattered light. It can be placed horizontally or vertically depending on the size of the tub. If there is a shower instead of a bath tub, it needs to be placed vertically. Pieces like Marina Moderno ceiling lamp 2920 operate on very low wattage but give a good amount of focused light. They are available in yellow color as well but we recommend white light to be used here.  A waterproof LED fixture can be placed even inside the shower area where minimum amount of splash reaches. 

Utilize the under cabinet space

Some bathrooms have many cupboards in them with counters under some or all of them. These spaces can be used as lighting. In this way, it won't take an extra space and the task will be achieved. Pieces like Siri 44 LED Wall Sconce- Square can be placed here. They are cheap pieces with no decorative element but give a good amount of light. As the lights will be shielded from the eye at these spots, you must not consider decorative pieces here. Fixtures such as Alias 15 Wall Sconce can also be used. They are very simple yet reliable fixtures that can be mounted easily under the cupboards.

All these options should only be employed if your bathroom is large enough and you have extra money to invest on these lights.

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